Nautical Anchor Ties

If you are choosing anchor ties it´s because you are very clear about what you want, and nobody can change your opinion, nor will we try.

These elegant ties with anchors can be your brand, your touch of originality coming out of boring classic striped, or plain. These are perfect for you, to wear them casually or with a suit, follow your line of authenticity!

nautical anchor tie - blue and white

How to Buy the Perfect Nautical Tie

The place, the time of day, the suit and the style determine which goes best with you.

It is not just another ornament or a simple acessory. It´s the men accessory par excellence, capable of surviving all kinds of fashions. And is that a nautical tie can say a lot about you. In a professional environment, it is even part of the first impression you cause in others. That is why it is so important to know how to choose the one that best fits not only with your tastes but also with the protocol, the time of day, the weather or the rest of the clothes you are going to accompany.

Because we are experts in nautical ties, we are going to help you to find the right one for you among all our wide catalogue of beautiful ties with excellent prices.


The Anchor Tie

This season it is the mini prints based on anchors that dictate the trend, but also the classic white dots on a blue navy background and the withe striped over a blue navy background will find their place among the proposals of the main luxury brands, but without doubt, the anchor is the most recognized symbol in nautical ties.

An anchor tie is always an elegant tie, regardless of its colour, size or material. Anchor ties are always and will be the most demanded by marine navigation lovers and those with a refined style.

Below, we show you a small selection of anchor ties at the best market price and some on offer!

Royal Navy Anchor & Stripes Regimental Tie
  • Handmade 100% Polyester Tie
  • Made in UK
  • Traditional Authentic Design
  • All Designs Woven Not Printed
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Frederick Thomas skinny linen pale peach tie with anchor design
  • Ideal for daily office wear, formal and special occasions, weddings, dinner parties
  • Perfect to wear with any shirt or cufflinks
  • Premium men’s tie, Fashion men’s necktie, Fine tailoring
  • Total length of tie 147cm
  • Dry clean only
Anchors & Ships Wheels Tie - Pink - One size
  • Color: Coral
  • Dimensions: 3.25W x 58L inches
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Type: Tie
  • Label: Wild Ties
Mens Classic Skinny Tie Woven Silk Necktie (Navy Anchor Pattern)
  • Classic Skinny Tie New Fashion Woven Silk Necktie
  • Necktie Size: Width 6cm/2.4'' Length 148cm/58''
  • Necktie Material:Microfiber
  • Many colors and patterns you can choice,Good quality and fashion design,these ties can make you feel good.
  • Great for both formal & casual/informal occassions,such us business/wedding/party/ball/celebration etc.


Range of Nautical Ties According to Size

Fine Nautical Tie:

Although a few years ago they were considered a symbol of modernity, now known as ‘skinny’ are not so common and have been reserved for those who flee from the classicism. They are also recommended for small men because their centimetres, between 4 and 6, makes it the best choice for this type of body because of the visual effect that is achieved with them. Wear them with slim suits that have thin lapels and always in more casual contexts.

No products found.


Wide Nautical Tie:

In this case the shovel measures between 8 and 10 centimetres so it is great if you are of strong build as they occupy more area of ​​the torso. Otherwise they will be excessive since they may seem like exits from the 70s.


Standard Nautical Tie: the traditional version, which perfectly represents the canons of what we commonly known as a tie and the most used around the world. Its measure is about 6-7 centimetres wide and usually work well with all kinds of suits, especially with the most classic.


Catalogue of Nautical Style Ties According to Fabric

Silk Nautical Ties: the classic ones. Inside we can find different categories depending on their quality or the percentages that it carries in its composition, but they are always infallible they will be worn with any suit.

Wool Nautical Ties: being of a coarser texture, it is best to avoid them in night looks. Instead, they go great for the thicker suits that look winter to cope with the low temperatures.

Cotton Nautical Ties: These are a premium fashion tie, ideal for work and business attire. They are a new trend and very demanded ties.

Frederick Thomas Light Blue Men's Cotton Tie with Nautical Anchor Design
  • Premium fashion tie
  • Dry clean only
  • 6.5cm at the widest part
  • Ideal work and business attire
  • Match with cufflinks and tie clip
Frederick Thomas silver grey men's cotton tie with nautical boat design
  • Ideal for daily office wear, formal and special occasions, weddings, dinner parties
  • Ideal gift for partner
  • 6.5cm at the widest part
  • A classic men's accessory for any occasion
  • Match with cufflinks and tie clip
Frederick Thomas navy blue men's cotton tie with nautical boat design
  • Premium fashion tie
  • Dry clean only
  • Suitable for office wear
  • A classic men's accessory for any occasion
  • Ideal gift for partner

Knitted Nautical Ties: like wool, reserve them exclusively for the day and when the label does not require excessive formality. They are light, comfortable and of a more youthful style that makes them perfect for spring-summer season.


We Sell a Wide Variety of Ties For all Different Knots

‘Four-in-hand’: It is the simplest and simplest to do because it accepts any anchor tie. Also known as American, it is incredibly versatile and is most recommended for narrow-necked shirts. You must hang the two ends so that the narrowest is almost half the height of the width. Cross the wide end behind the strait, cross it again this time in front and again behind. Insert the wide end through the centre of the knot to finish and tighten until it fits the neck.

Windsor: it is the most formal of all, so it is reserved exclusively for more formal events, such as weddings. Even in those cases, you must be careful before doing so because it does not work with all kinds of suits or shirts so the latter must have a wide or trimmed collar, otherwise the shirt will look too big. It also requires a classic silk nautical tie, wide and with a lot of fabric to make the knot well.

Half Windsor: it’s probably the one you end up using the most in your daily life. Impose less than your older brother and to tie it you will need a long tie-less wide than in the previous case so that the result is not too thick.

Although these three are the most common, there are many other ways to tie your tie. There is the double knot, with two front turns to gain in width; Shelby, very similar to Windsor; or the tie type, which appears from the handling of the tie as a handkerchief.


The Store with the Tie for Every Occasion

Work: it is probably the context in which the nautical tie is most demanded and not everything is allowed in it. If it is a traditional office, it is best to opt for standard models, silk or wool depending on the time of year and smooth. If you are going to resort to prints, which are based on blue and withe stripes. Leave boats, anchor, marine life or other drawings for leisure.

Weddings or formal events: in this case the rules are very similar to the work environment and discretion is usually the best resource. Look well that fits with the style and colour of the chosen suit, and always wear it with a white shirt. If it is a day ceremony, opt for light blue tones and dark blue ones use it for late-night.

Leisure: obviously here everything is allowed. Your imagination is the only limit when choosing a nautical tie with which to accompany your styling for a night-time appointment or an informal party. If you do not want to sin formally, leave the suit at home and wear the knit versions of this accessory with jeans, shirt and leather jacket or bomber jacket.


Offers in a Stylish Nautical Bow Tie

Once the type of nautical tie is chosen according to its shape, its fabric or when it is going to be used, there are a series of “rules” to consider when carrying it.

The first one is the long one. It is very important that the tip of the tie reaches just at waist height or, failing that, a few inches above. You must never exceed that limit.

Another aspect to consider is that the knot should perfectly cover the buttons of the shirt and be cantered between those of the neck of the shirt if it has them. Shirt that, by the way, can never be a darker colour than that of the anchor tie.

The fold known as “dimple” is another detail to consider once the knot of the tie is drawn. It is that final touch that makes the difference. It must be cantered and natural. It is achieved by pressing lightly just below the knot or pulling the thinner end.

If you are going to accompany it with a pin or tie clips it is important that any of them be perfectly cantered between the third and fourth button of the shirt, otherwise it will ruin the touch of elegance.

Finally, dare to play with the handkerchief. Although there has always been a tendency towards total monochrome between tie and handkerchief, in daring is the virtue of style. Therefore, you can choose to combine marine, anchor, nautical prints or if you prefer to be more cautious, choose one of them with drawings and the other in a similar tone in plain.


Buy an Anchor Ties in

For many reasons you would buy ties with anchors, but the most important and the one that is worth it´s because you are in this place looking for them.

You have the option of wearing them in cotton, linen, bow ties, for children or large, there are ties for weddings, birthdays, events, or just a touch of originality in your suit, either for women or men. With these nautical ties, you will have the style you always wanted.

In addition to everything discussed, is a good choice as a present for someone loving the sea, nautical activities, or simply for an elegant friend. Keep in mind that you do not pay extra for reputable brands, only with the product, of good quality of cheap but fine and modern quality ties.

So click on the ties with anchors that you like, select the one you want to take home, pay for your purchase and in just 24 hours you have the order at home.

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