The most commonly used colours in nautical decoration

Nautical decoration is one of the styles that is becoming increasingly popular. It is not only used in coastal areas, but also in other areas such as the countryside and the city. If you are a lover of this modern style, there is no doubt that these recommendations are for you.

In the next lines we will be talking about the most used colours in marine decoration and how we can incorporate them in the home.

Colours in marine decoration

With the passing of time new shades of nautical decoration have been integrated, however, the colours blue, white, red or beige remain the main ones on the list.

sealing colors

Next, we will tell you the most used shades at this moment in the marine style, besides the way we can play with them in the different elements that give life to our house or flat. Let’s see:

The blue and white nautical stripes

These are ideal for nautical decorations, because through these colours freshness is obtained. We can apply them on the sofa, walls, carpets, beds or cushions. We recommend you to add a striped beach style on your sofa or bed. Another accessory that can be decorated with these white and blue stripes are the curtains.

It is important to say that what will give that navy touch to your stripes is the horizontal direction, they can be introduced in the walls.

Play with the different blue tones

Blue is the nautical colour par excellence. Previously, only navy blue was seen a lot, however, little by little those related to sea foam have been integrated, that is, light blue and turquoise, although, if you wish to provide a more modern look, go for the indigo tone, this is similar to navy blue but a little more saturated.

Without a doubt, blue colours look very good when mixed with white, black or wood tones. Besides, light blue colours can be used in carpets, cushions or armchairs.

Other essential colours in marine decoration

The colours that can also be taken over in a nautical style are accompanied by epic combinations. Some of these can be beige, brown, wicker, red, cream, sand, ivory or soft pink. Once we know this, let’s show where we can place them:

The rooms look good with the range of pale tones like the ones mentioned above, these give them a calm and beach style air. The rooms in monochrome black and white with some pale woods and sisal can give more luminosity to the space.

On the other hand, natural wood tones, whites and tropical prints with a bright lime green colour, will give a good vibe to your dining room.

Incorporate new colours in the furniture covers

The covers will give a very fresh and relaxed beach atmosphere, but this will be achieved if you place them on top of the sofas and chairs, as well as applying the right shades. For example, those made of cotton or linen in shades of khaki, beige or white, are ideal with a marine theme. On the other hand, white covers and indigo pillows can create an elegant, modern and coastal look.

White continues to play a leading role

Woods should not always be used with their natural colour. In marine decoration, the use of those that are translucent white is becoming increasingly popular. This makes them look more natural, as well as giving a greater effect of light and brightness to the space where you want to install them.

It is also important once treated and painted to use wood lasures for greater durability

In short, seafaring decoration is an ancient style that has gradually been transformed, but it tries to maintain its essence. So if you love the beach and the sea, this will be your best style.

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