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7 Trends in Nautical Swimsuits and Bikinis

It is time to enjoy the sun and the beach. This year in which the classic nautical swimsuits will return with some modification to modernize them, as lateral cords or an adaptation of the bikini bra.

Also, the anchor prints will have their place in the collections of the brands, which bet on continuing with the fashion of marine print. These are the seven latest trends in swimwear:

Sealife print

The king print of winter will continue its reign in summer, not only with the starfish as the protagonist but also with the seahorse print mixed with the navy-blue tone, a colour that will also have its leading role in the different garments.



This fabric with nautical prints centres a good part of the collection of many brands, which have opted for this style that is called to replace the velvet that won so much last year.


White and Navy Blue Nautical Swimsuits

The most traditional nautical swimsuits and the simple anchor bikinis, with sporty style bra and classic panties, will be renewed with small details in the garments as lateral cords or introducing modifications in the original designs.

The shades of white and navy blue will also have their place in the different collections of the firms. Red and yellow will be the most viewed colours in combination with white and navy blue, but there is also room for other shades, such as pink.

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High waist

The high-waist panties are the best suited to the body of those girls who have a wide hip, so it is not surprising that firms return to market different bikinis with this style of panties that can be purchased in nautical style.

Nautical Prints

Beyond the classic marine print, this summer will again be many swimsuits and bikinis with boats, nets, knots or polka dot print, as well as the typical marine stripes that are always favourable.


Another line that has been recovered are the nautical swimsuits and asymmetric nautical bikini fasteners with ruffles, a style that brings a differentiating touch to the garment and that has been successful for several years.


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