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kids playing in a room with nautical wall stickers on

You can use the anchor stickers almost for everything. There are wall stickers, for laptops or to decorate the headboard of your bedroom.

But if they stick on the wall … What’s the difference between vinyl and stickers? Surely this question you will have done when performing the search.

The difference between a vinyl and a sticker, and that’s why we make differences in the online store, is that the vinyl uses static electricity to stick to the wall and the sticker, uses glue. Don´t confuse, vinyl with sticker.

Although the result is the same, the vinyl can be reused or moved, while the sticker is meant to stay where you put it. The nautical stickers are easy to apply, ideal to decorate kids room, baby girls and boys room etc.

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The anchor stickers are an original decorative solution, fun and that brings a lot of personality. I’m talking about wall stickers, but in the selection, you can discover that there are also nautical stickers to decorate furniture, laptop, stickers for nails, stickers for bikes … the case is to put stickers where we want to be more original.

Watercolor Nautical Wall Decal, Lighthouse Sailboat Anchor with Ocean Sea Life Wall Sticker for Kids...
  • ► Nautical Theme Decals Wall Art:This watercolor sticker include lighthouse, sailboat, anchor, whale and ocean sea life.Let you have a purposeful move in the nautical.Just like in life, you can't...
  • ►Decoration Scenes: This watercolor nautical stickers are perfect for baby boy room decoration! As its attractive looks, you can decorate bedroom, nursery room, game room, living room, art room,...
  • ► Easy to Peel and Stick: Just put the colorful vinyl wall decal onto window, door, painted wall or any smooth, flat, dry and dust surface
  • ►Material: About our watercolor nautical decals are made of vinyl material, which is highly quality, waterproof and self-adhesive
  • ►Size:Total 4 Sheet (each sheet:9.3"X10.7"). Lighthouse Decal:3.7"X8.3", Sailboat decal:3.7"X8.3"; Whale decal:3.7"X7", total 41Pcs

The stickers can also serve to cover defects of the walls, Did you know it? Well, if they are opaque, they do not let you see if you have a chip on the wall or the antithetical holes of having hung that horrible picture, that you are going to replace with some anchors, what a change!

Nautical Stickers on furniture
Nautical Stickers on furniture

The selection shown in the store, is quite broad, both in colours, features and sizes, so you always find a sticker that suits that place you’re thinking about. Surely when you have it on, you will want to put more stickers at home, never forget where you bought them.


Decorate Bedrooms with Nautical Stickers

Decorating a bedroom in a marine style is very simple thanks to nautical and marine decorative stickers. The new anchor stickers from are ideal to add a nautical touch to any bedroom quickly, original and economically. We have beautiful sailor designs and you will find them in multiple colours, but of course predominantly blue and white with shades of red and yellow.

Nautical Stickers for Babies and Children Bedrooms

On the one hand, we have the models of boats in soft blue tones that is a sweetness. Their loving and tender styles and pastel colours make them the perfect choice for baby rooms. These stickers, in turn, are available in multiple sizes, but we can classify them in small, medium, large and giant.

Nautical Sticker Children´s Bedroom
Nautical Sticker Children´s Bedroom

There are stickers that form murals; they are boats, anchors, nets, sailor knots, lighthouses, clouds, waves, marine animals, and they are independent of each other. In this way, you can create the composition that best suits your space. You can also pick up some loose sticker for personal furniture in the bedroom.

There are marine anchor stickers designed with more intense blue and red. Its general appearance is more striking, perfect for children’s rooms, which will attract attention and will become a key piece in the decoration of the children’s environment.


Decorate the Living Room with Nautical Stickers

Decorating a living room with anchors or nautical decals is the fastest and easiest way to transform the space, you hardly need a few minutes to give depth to the room, make it warmer and brighter apart from creating some movement if you add the correct stickers.

To decorate a room the navy, navy blue and white tones are the classics, either with anchor stickers or boats, but also with lighthouses, clouds, seagulls and the seawater with its waves. If these marine colour stickers are complemented with some other accessory of the same hue or theme you can transform the environment completely and feel that you are living by the sea.

Living room with a nautical sticker on the wall above a sofa
Lighthouse Living Room Sticker

If you are a little more daring you can include red or yellow and even green tones if you use stickers with marine animals or from the depths of the sea. In any case, these nautical stickers will be the protagonists of your house, even if you decide for a small decal that adhere to furniture or other elements of decoration. You can paste a decal to a light switch or a picture, perhaps to the frame of a door or to the windows of your house.

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