Nautical Scarf

We know that the nautical scarf is for the times in which the air blows cold, and mainly for the winter seasons.

It´s an accessory that cannot be missed in our outfit style because it makes the days lighter and lets us to be in harmony without freezing but also, the anchor scarves will provide a touch of elegance in any season of the year.

For this accessory (the marine style scarf and the anchor scarf) there is a wide variety of textures and colours, but they are useless if we do not know how and when to use them.

We need to learn how to tie them by our clothes in turn but don´t worry because we will provide all the necessary knowledge to do it properly.

Anchor Scarf

The anchor scarves are one of these key garments that cannot be missing in our wardrobe. They are accessory garments that date back several centuries but still retain their elegance.

Do you know what an anchor scarf is? Do you want to know how to wear a nautical scarf perfectly combined with your style? Do you want to discover trends in nautical scarves? Do not miss this article that we tell you everything!


Nautical Scarf

When the weather is a bit cold most people wear scarves, which in addition to their basic function, are a perfect accessory for the neck in beauty trends. Here, we’re going to give you some key tips to make you look divine by complementing your dresses or skirts with a beautiful nautical scarf.

One of the most sought after and original styles of wearing a nautical scarf is “the elegant one“. In this case, what you should do is roll the nautical scarf around your neck. Next, you should leave a short part in front and the remaining part, of greater length, you should pass it in front of the neck and let it fall down the back. Easy and original.

If you want to emphasize your elegance do not hesitate to look at our nautical scarves that will make everyone around you fall in love. These nautical scarves combine the navy blue with red and white, simply beautiful.


Boat Print Scarves

For those days that we go more casual, we can take without doubt the boat scarf. This is characterized by its simplicity, but at the same time style and distinction. Every woman who wants to show off this new season should try this style and combine it with her best urban style clothes.

You will have to do absolutely nothing to achieve this style for boat scarves. So is! Well, it has no mystery. Nothing else you will have to leave your accessory for the neck to fall on him.

Are you looking for a cheap boat scarf that is perfect to achieve the Bohemian style with elegance? Get any of our ship print Scarves and you won´t regret.

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Silk Nautical Scarves

For special occasions, fashionable silk nautical scarves are the best allies, more if it is an outdoor occasion. Dress the silk nautical scarf around your neck leaving one end longer than the other. Then pass the small side around the neck and let it fall again, on your back. The result you get will look super chic and modern.

It is best to wear it with a printed skirt. If this is your case, we recommend our handkerchief for women anchors, knots, nets or boats print silk Scarves that will give you a touch of perfect elegance for such an occasion.


Chic Nautical Scarves

This is an example of how to wear a foulard differently and uniquely. If you have an important appointment, a job interview, a wedding or any other commitment with some importance do not hesitate to opt for this double.

It’s a style charm for your nautical foulard since you’re going to get your shoulders covered. This, in addition to shelter you more, you will get to highlight the marine pattern of the scarf. It is perfect and ideal if you wear basic blouses and jeans.

Do you want to get this style? Do you want to know how to put on a foulard for a wedding? Then pay attention. First, you must take the nautical handkerchief and bend it in half. You will have a neck scarf in the shape of a triangle. Place this on your neck and let it fall one end. The other, you should surround your neck lightly. Voilà! You already have it. A perfect and distinguished style.


Trends in Nautical Scarves

The trends for handkerchiefs are several. They incorporate completely different tonalities and styles of use in addition to daring. We are going to discover some of the thousand and one trends in nautical handkerchiefs and scarves. Do you dare?

Ponytail Nautical Scarf

It is one of the trends that devastate this new season. It is something simple to do but that few occur to them or do not dare at all. This new trend consists of decorating the hair with the same anchor neck scarf. Exact! The foulard, in this case, becomes the new rubber for hair collection. Better use it with a low and natural ponytail, you can have some problems if you decide to wear it with high tails. The material? The silk nautical scarves are perfect.

Nautical Scarf-Coat

In this case, the anchor neck scarf is given a new function never used before. What if we dispense with the coat and leave room for the handkerchief? This is something different from what we are used to, but it marks a unique style. What you have to do is to have a long and wide handkerchief that we must put on our shoulders, as if we wanted to put on a coat. In the days of autumn, it will save you on more than one occasion, especially on rainy days.

What did you find these exclusive styles to wear the handkerchief? Would you dare with any of the new trends of handkerchiefs? Do not forget to take a look at our online store to find the best cheap women anchor neck scarves.


Why buy an Anchor Scarves?

Scarves are a garment that we cannot do without in cold weather. That’s why in Nauticalanchor we offer you a wide range of models of winter nautical scarves with the colours of the sea.

We have nautical scarves for men and women of different types of materials and measures. From classic nautical wool scarves to modern nautical scarves to go for a walk or to go wherever you want.

We also have children’s nautical scarves to protect from the cold all those little ones that also want to wear with elegance.

Choose your favourite model and you will have it in your house by clicking on any of these products in 24 hours.

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