Anchor Rings

The accessories were created to help highlight any garment, but sometimes some accessories are so exaggerated that they break the balance of the outfit. However, the anchor rings are objects that always help. Even so, every woman has her rules and tastes. Some prefer delicate, elegant and simple, and those are the anchor rings.

Thomas Sabo Women Ring Anchor 925 Sterling Silver TR2234-051-14
  • Lifestyle Jewellery for men and woman
  • Trendy design
  • Jewellery Box included
  • color: silver-coloured, white
  • Material details: 925 Sterling silver

Gold Anchor Rings

Worldwide, gold is one of the most traditional materials when choosing rings, in particular, yellow gold for anchor rings.

Here is what you should know when choosing gold anchor rings:

  • The quality of gold doesn’t depend on its colour, but on its carats. A gold item can be 24 carats or less, and the more carats you have, the purer the object will be. For example, something of 24 carats is practically pure gold (it’s tough to find). Usually, we see 18, 14 or 10 carats, where the gold is mixed with other metals, and the colour can be modified naturally yellow of this one.
  • Having a more carats ring involves a purer gold ring, but that’s not necessarily good. Gold is a soft material, the more refined it is, more likely that your ring will be deformed with daily use and may even break. The reason of having a circling 14 or 10 carats is that it usually will be firmer and more durable (besides being more economical).
gold anchor ring
  • Gold jewellery, of whatever colour, must have its carats engraved as required by law in most countries. If you do not find the registration, it requires a proof of authenticity or suspect that it’s scam. In the acid test, the gold should turn green when it is purer or reddish-brown in those with lower in carats (the 10-carat ones are light pink)
  • Gold is naturally yellow, so the gold of colours can “fade” a little over time and acquire a more yellowish hue. It has nothing to do with quality, but it is a natural process. In the case of white gold, the best combination to maintain its colour and brightness is palladium. Check well about the alloy of your ring (that is, with what other metals are combined).
  • The brightness of gold doesn’t have as much to do with its carat, but its alloy metal. For example, Italian gold is brighter, but it is usually 10 carats. And as we mentioned before, gold mixed with palladium has more brilliance than gold mixed with other metals.

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Silver Anchor Rings

Some may prefer silver for the making of their rings, for economy or simply for pleasure. Next, we tell you what you should know if you choose this alternative:

1) The quality of the silver can be known through its law (purity). Silver 1000 is pure and is rarely used in jewellery because it is extremely soft. As with gold, silver is mixed with other metals, and the lower its law, the more percentage of other metals it will contain, but at the same time, it will be firmer, to prevent it from deforming and breaking. As we mentioned in the case of gold, the purer the silver (or, the higher its law), the thicker and wider the ring must be to ensure its durability. The minimum law that we would recommend if you will use this material is 925 silver.

2) As in gold, silver jewellery should indicate its law with a small engraving indicating the law number. If you do not indicate it, you should also hesitate and ask for proofs of authenticity. If they already bought it, they can do a nice homemade experiment: place ice on top, and if it’s silver, the ice should begin to melt, because silver is thermo conductive. If nothing happens. I’m afraid to tell you that you were scammed. Another way to check it is that, when cleaning a silver jewel, you should leave a black trail. Other metals will not leave that trace.

Silver Anchor Ring

3) Silver is blackened; assume it as a fact of the cause. It’s a natural oxidation process that silver suffers mainly in the presence of sulphur, and therefore, how black it’s, depends on how much sulphur there is in the environment, or the contact you have with it in your daily life ( there are household cleaners with sulphur content that will blacken your silver jewellery). The positive side: it’s easy to clean and return them to their original splendour.

They may be told that it is rhodium-plated silver and that they will avoid blackening problems, but it is a lie. Rhodium silver has a layer of rhodium that slows the oxidation process, but it is a layer that eventually wears out and disappears. They can go back to death in any case.

Platinum Anchor Rings

Platinum is a more resistant and durable material than silver and gold, but at the same time, it’s scarcer, which makes it more expensive. Here are our tips for choosing your platinum rings.

1) To the eye of someone who does not know much about the subject, platinum and silver or even white gold, are very similar. Platinum has a quality definition system equivalent to that of silver, with platinum 1000 being the purest. To distinguish it from silver you will find the letters Pt or Plat next to the number, while a silver ring can have an S of Silver.

2) Another way to distinguish silver from platinum is that platinum is much heavier than silver. Also, you will see that platinum doesn’t scratch, as it does with silver (unless you have a poor-quality alloy such as iridium: ask about alloy metal!). Finally, you can identify them by subjecting them to fire, since the silver will change colour (it will turn red and then black), while the platinum won’t change colour. In a jewellery store, with the acid test, platinum doesn’t react, because it is anticorrosive.

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Tungsten Anchor Rings

A new upward trend is to use tungsten in the rings. It is extremely resistant, economical, and durable, but has the disadvantage of being a material still little worked by jewellers. What should you look for when buying your tungsten anchor ring? These are our tips:

1) Get a Tungsten Carbide ring and not Tungsten Steel. Those with steel are more prone to scratching, and because of their stiffness, they can break. If you are looking for a low maintenance ring that lasts the rest of your life, make sure you have carbide.

2) They must not have cobalt. If you are told that they have cobalt, you suspect that it’s made of steel instead of carbide, because cobalt is used to harden steel, and with a carbide ring, its use is not justified.

3) Normally it has a nickel seal to make it hypoallergenic, making it ideal for very allergic people.

4) The problem with a tungsten ring is that it cannot be modified or enlarged in case of fattening. Normally it is also difficult to find a “technical service” for this type of rings.

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Stainless Steel Anchor Rings for Women and Men

Women and Men whenever go out with someone special we take time, choosing what clothes we are going to wear, drying our hair, looking for the ideal shoes, making up correctly and when we are about to leave we realise that we do not know what accessories we are going to take.

Since we want some jewels that make us better highlight our physical traits, but that make us look natural without negatively attracting attention. These are the stainless steel anchor rings.

Stainless steel anchor ring

It is at that time when we must have a stainless steel anchor ring since this type of jewellery can combine and fit perfectly with any clothes that we wear.

These rings are gorgeous jewels that highlight the physical features of a women or men positively, without any destination. Also tend to be elegant and simple jewellery that will not attract attention in a negative way, so we would not have to spend much time to choose the ideal accessories that we have to use every day.

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Why buy Anchor Rings?

Because they are current designs with a peaceful style that emanates the great calm that we are capable of transmitting, these rings with the anchors reflect the unique air that accompanies you wherever you go, they carry that freedom for which both you presume as well as the great singularity of the models chosen especially for you.

Buy now your anchor rings at the best price and with the most exceptional quality that you could get, because the items we offer you are made with the most durable and reliable materials.

So, choose that ring you’ve always wanted to wear, or the one you want to give to that person you love so much. It’s an excellent gift for your friend or your special friend always to remember the great friendship that joins you, every time you see it on his/her finger; you will remember the good and fun moments shared.

It doesn’t matter what model you look for because you will find it in our vast online store of anchor rings. Discover how easy it’s to buy when everything you see is good, beautiful and cheap.

Sometimes we focus a lot on meeting the budget that we don’t question other things, such as the issue of quality and durability or how it fits our lifestyle. Here, we bring you a summary to make right decisions when buying any ring.

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