Nautical Posters

Beach Image

“Nowhere else than upon the sea do the days, weeks and months fall away quicker into the past. They seem to be left astern as easily as the light air-bubbles in the swirls of the ship’s wake, and vanish into a great silence in which your ship moves on with a sort of magical effect.” 

― Joseph Conrad, The Mirror of the Sea.

Now you can buy a realistic poster of nautical anchors or a maritime scene from our collection and feel like you are at sea; become a sailor, feel the sea breeze on your face while your hair is shaken… the smell of salt and the sound of the waves …

Cheap Nautical Posters

It’s still a good decorative option, the nautical posters. They are usually very well placed inside a frame, although there are also options to make them ideal without these. Let’s see now how to hang cheap nautical sheets and cheap nautical posters without a frame so that it looks nice.

Hanging a nautical poster that we like is very typical in the decoration of youth bedrooms, but also seems to have become fashionable for the living room, dining room or any bedroom.

The best option is to hang them with a frame, but some of these have a somewhat higher price, so we can do it so that, even if they have no frame, they are just as well.


Anchor Posters

We can think that the fact of hanging anchor posters in a room, for example, has a lot to do with what is called urban decoration and that is characterized by having elements very typical of pop culture, such as the use of posters, at the time to decorate the whole house.

Although we follow this trend, or not and we are simply fanatics of nautical posters in any room of the house, we can hang without having to appear subject to the walls by “thumbtacks”, and that can be a great solution for a teenager, although they will not be very adequate if we want a living room or a bedroom with style.

The adhesive tape is “trick” that we have all used when hanging posters and sheets, but the truth is that it lasts little if we take into account that air or changes in temperature from winter to summer and vice versa, take their toll to said adhesive tape and finally it always ends up taking off.

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Marine Posters

Not that there is a product that is durable and invisible and that makes the marine posters always remain intact without the need for a framework, but we do have some options, some even very original to get them to be without problem.

A solution that we recommend on sheets is to stick them with a bit of silicone that is usually used for all types of crafts and that we can apply through a gun and so that a few drops, our marine poster or sheet will be fixed to the wall and without ever taking off.

Another method that can be effective is to directly “cover” the marine poster with a vinyl so that it is stuck to the wall. In this way we would be talking about a technique like that used by decorative vinyls.

To do this, the only thing we have to do is hold the sheet or poster lightly and apply a vinyl adhesive paper over it, without leaving bubbles or in fact without air, so that we can get them stuck and also protected from dust or the effects of light. We can “cover” the marine poster by fixing it on a surface like a hard sheet and allowing us to hang it on the wall.

This adhesive paper can be found in stationery or printing shops and is often called “aironfix”, a name that will sound to all those who have lined the books as small as in fact it is the same type of adhesive paper.


Vintage Nautical Posters:

Perhaps the “perfect” idea that we want to mention is the option of converting a vintage nautical poster that you like in a painting.

It is a technique that has become very fashionable, although it allows us to also take a photo and we can have it as if it were a painting, although depending on the size it may also be somewhat expensive.

Anyway, they turn the vintage nautical poster into a canvas that we can also clean simply and it looks great on the walls.


Vintage Nautical Plaque

It’s amazing how many vintage nautical plaques are sold today. In our store we were not going to be less, and we put at your disposal a few beautiful vintage nautical plaques for you to choose the one that best suits your tastes.

It will be great in your dining room, in your room or office because it´s an original and different gift. Are not you fed up with posters of the Minions or Star Wars? Who does not like vintage nautical plaque?

The vintage nautical plaques are fashionable and retro. We have seen from the classic posters resting on a deep-sea to a modern one, as bright plaque hanging from a luxurious yacht.

BigBazza Novelty Retro Vintage Wall tin Plaque 20x15cm - Ideal for Pub shed Bar Office Man Cave Home...
  • Lightweight Aluminium METAL plaque sign with glossy finish.
  • Approx size - 8 inch x 6 inch (20cm x 15cm)
  • Comes with self adhesive pads on the back, NO drill holes (but easy to DIY if you need)
  • Ideal for Man Cave, Pub shed, Bar, Kitchen etc
  • Designed & Made in UK
RKO Seafood, Fresh Local Food, Cafe Restaurant Fish Seaside Large Metal/Steel Wall Sign
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RKO Seafood, Fresh Local Food, Cafe Restaurant Fish Seaside Large Metal/Steel Wall Sign
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  • High Quality Printing Techniques have been used for the best finish
  • Made in Yorkshire, UK, from Strong British Steel
  • Does NOT include the diagonal watermark (if shown)