Anchor Pictures

Our models have their own style, same as yours and they make a difference.

The walls no longer have to be boring, serious or bland. Anchor pictures, nautical themes, sea life, sailor pictures and scenes of beaches and waves to give a marine touch to your environment with an air of elegance, distinction and quality at a good price.

Anchor Pictures

Renovates the Decoration of your House With Nautical Pictures

It´s time to begin to tune our homes on the coast. Decorating the house is one of the funniest tasks, this is where the marine style becomes the centre of attention and the fishing elements do not wait. We can´t forget the Asian, Caribbean or Australian styles that transmit paradisiacal sensations.

The most important thing is that the stay transmits calm and invite relaxation. A fresh effect, but with an elegant and original touch. But what are the keys to the beach apartment? We tell you all the details, I’m sure they’ll bring your ideas and inspiration.


Beach Pictures

The best way to decorate the beach apartment is to include pictures with pictures of boats, sailboats, fish, lighthouses and seascapes in their different rooms.

Starting from the chosen paintings we must continue the decorative theme with additional elements, the most successful are the natural ones like plants, seashells, stones and shells of the beach, pieces of wood.

In the walks by the sea you can find and collect all kinds of very inspiring elements that will give the ideal marine touch in addition to filling your house with memories. It’s a matter of being creative and letting the relaxing feeling of the sea flow.


Key Nautical Colours

If what you are looking for is to feel the sensation of the sea in the spaces of your apartment, the idea is that you use light and fresh colours such as green, turquoise and blue, always accompanied by white that will bring us lots of light and calm. The range of sand tones can also be a success to combine natural elements and furniture.


The Scenery Counts

The seaside view is a great decorative element when it comes to choose a picture, take advantage of the seaside landscapes and combine it with the rest of the decorative elements inspired by it. The most important thing is that your house conveys comfort and invites you to rest, there is nothing better than lying in an armchair to contemplate a beautiful painting with seascapes.


Nautical Knot Pictures

The nautical knot Pictures are one of the most representative pieces of nautical decoration. Although they are known as ” knots ”, this type of paintings can have various themes such as conches, anchors, boats, fish and all those symbols that remind us of the sea.

In Nauticalanchor or physical stores that are dedicated to marine decoration, you can find this type of ornament. However, the happiness and personal fulfilment that offers us to make a decorative object with our own effort, is priceless.

Although, for this, it is necessary to collect all the materials and raw materials that make it possible to create an original and aesthetically pleasing knot box. In this case, it is necessary to buy accessories for knot boxes, such as ropes, small anchors, ship models, among others.


What Should have a Knot Picture?

The background of the knot picture is the first component you should consider. Using a fabric of nautical colours as the combination of white and blue could be an option.

Placing an old nautical chart or a map that you recover from your grandparents could also become the ideal background.

If what you have is with old maps of when you used to study Geography in the school, but do not seem old, we have the solution. Some experts in vintage decoration say that the best way to age this type of material is to immerse it in a tea.

Using wood could be another option to make your box of knots closer to what we know as nautical decoration. In our store specialized in knot boxes, you can find different pieces of wood that could help you to make your decorative piece.

To add colour and shine to the wood you can use a colour tint that is found in any specialized paint shop. A small brush that is easily handled is used to apply the dye.


Accessories for Knot Pictures

Once the bottom of your knot box has been made, you must choose the correct rope to make your design. The most commonly used shades are white and hemp. We recommend this side hemp defence that will surely look ideal in your knot box.

It’s time to choose what knot you want to represent your picture. To do this, make sure you know the types of existing marine knots and choose the one you like best.

Finally, select the accessories you want your painting to carry. We have anchors, compass rose, boat models, flags and other very interesting accessories to make your knot box.


Why buy Anchor Pictures?

To decorate with anchor pictures is very important to keep in mind that the decoration of the room or room should be as warm and comfortable as possible. The room is the endpoint of the day, that’s where the body rests and rests from all daily activities. For all the people, our house is the one in charge of sheltering and watching over our dream as well as they are the place where we meet, we laugh and cry, it is part of us.

Knowing this, we want to talk to you a little about the decorative anchor pictures for the walls of the rooms, and that lately, it has come into the boom thanks to its great elegant designs. It is a type of decoration that without a doubt we can classify as appropriate to set and that should be present in the rooms of the house because it is composed by being colourful, it is relaxing, elegant, shows our personality and collaborate with create an excellent atmosphere in the bedrooms.

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