Anchor Ornaments

It is not necessary that you live near the sea to bring it home, with these ornaments you can get it. Nautical decorations are increasingly popular to decorate homes, as it can adapt to each personality and lifestyle and be calm after a stressful day. We are sure that these complements will bring you good memories of the waves of the sea, the gentle breeze and the blue sky.

Customize with style! Surprise others and surprise yourself of what you can create. Here you have the best decorative items to get a nice space and out of the ordinary.

Nautical Ornaments, the Keys to Adapt a Room to this Style

The modern nautical decoration has little to do with those heavy portholes and dark trunks of the 80s. Today it is more cheerful, more sober and refined than ever.

In today’s post, we will review this style and advise you on how to adapt this popular style to your favourite home room.


The keys of the Nautical Ornaments

We have already commented on the keys of the Mediterranean decoration style. The nautical style is quite similar, although it has aspects that differentiate it.

The first and most important characteristic of this style is its marine flavour. That is why elements such as shells, nets, fish and, of course, the colour blue, must be present.

However, within these common characteristics, there are big differences between a nautical style with class and a less sophisticated one.


We must not exceed the Ornaments

The big mistake you can make is to want each corner to breathe marine air. You must be careful not to saturate the environment with objects and details typical of this style, or the final aspect will not be what you are looking for.

Instead, it uses subtle details reminiscent of the sea, but without being so obvious.

In the image you can see below these lines, the nautical elements have been kept to a minimum, and despite this, the appearance is elegant and modern, without being excessive.

Nautical Ornaments room 1
Not exceed the Ornaments


Change the Light Blue to the Dark Blue

Dark blue is much more elegant than light blue. Its contrast with white reminds a lot of black and white, so used nowadays in the decoration of the whole world for its elegance and sophistication.

This elegant contrast will also allow you to add other warm colours to the colour palette, such as yellow or green. It will bring warmth to the whole, offering a nice alternative to the classic blue and white binomial.

Change the Light Blue to the Dark Blue


Less Ornaments is More

Stripes are always a safe bet in the nautical style, but without going too far. You can include them in carpets, cushions and curtains, but not everywhere.

If you want to create interesting effects, you can mix different marine patterns, such as the zigzag stripes so popular in recent years.

If you want something more daring, the prints of fish, shells and corals are cheerful and fresh, you can use them without fear of being wrong.

Nautical Ornaments room
Less Ornaments is More


Mix the Wood with the Nautical Ornaments

Wood is another must of nautical decoration. Including it among the materials used is always a good idea because like the rest of the elements of this style, it reminds nature. In Marian Furniture we prefer light colour, because it is the one that best combines with the rest of the elements of this style. Have you noticed the one under the metal table in the image above? A small trunk softened by the waters is the best reminder of the identity of this style.


Why buy an Anchor Ornaments?

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