Anchor moulds

Anchor Molds

If you see things differently from other people, it’s time to shape those things with our fantastic anchor moulds! In our online store you will find molds with shapes of anchor, rudders, mermaids, boats, seagulls and much more related with the sea.

You can make ice cubes, cakes, muffins, brownies, chocolates, candies and many others. Use your imagination!

Anchor Silicone Mold

Our anchor silicone molds for baking are suitable for the oven. In our online store you will find a wide variety of anchor silicone molds to choose from.

With these anchor silicone molds you can not only bake cakes, you can also bake cake pops and cupcakes. You can also use them for cold desserts such as jellies, custards … and you can put them in the fridge and freezer.

We work with high-quality silicone molds and with renowned brands. Silicone molds are very versatile, easy to clean and durable. In our online store you will find from the most basic to the most beautiful and elegant.

Anchor Chocolate Mold

This section is the paradise of chocolate lovers, here you will find all the anchor chocolate molds you need to make delicious homemade chocolates and chocolate figures with this symbol.

There are anchor chocolate molds in many ways. Surely you find the mold you are looking for! We also have anchor molds of different materials, from PVC or silicone molds to professional polycarbonate molds. Depending on the use you are going to give it, one option or another will be better.

So that the chocolates come out delicious remember to temper the chocolate, in this way the chocolates will shine, the bite will be crispy, and you can easily unmold them. So that the chocolate tempering is as accurate as possible, do not forget to use a kitchen thermometer.

Anchor Ice Mold

There are different molds for ice with a variety of shapes for our cubes. Traditionally ice stones are cubic or similar. But now, you can also find ice trays that allow us to make anchor ice cubes.

Currently one of the forms of ice stones more in vogue is the anchor shape. The anchor ice allows us to achieve large ice stones with an optimal cooling capacity with slow dilution.

Seashell Molds

If you want to get the theme party of your dreams, you are in the right place, in the first online anchor store you will find everything for your parties and meetings, you do not have to search anymore, with the extensive product rank catalogue and silicone mold items will only take a few minutes to buy everything you need. Making your nautical theme party very easy and economical.

Don´t stay in convention and tell everyone how things should be done, I assure you that with our products you will get everyone’s attention and wonder how you achieved the party of the year.

Nautical Molds

You don´t need to spend more than necessary and you can save a few pounds. You will be very happy for the amazing top party you are going to make and you will look great with these nautical molds

Compare prices and you will realize that we are the lowest there is, and if that were not enough we have the best offers and big discounts, because the prices of nautical molds are the lowest of the entire internet.

You must know that we guarantee the fastest and safest shipping that exists, and we will take it to your door. If you have questions, you can contact us and we will gladly assist you to solve all your questions.

In addition to anchor and nautical molds, in our store we have: