Here you will find all kind of nautical mirrors for walls and doors to decorate bedrooms, kitchens, washbasins and any room of your house or even your office — decoration for seafood restaurants, tourist hotels near the sea, etc..

Using nautical mirrors to decorate our home is an option within a large number of items that are in the market of interior design.

Types of Nautical Mirrors

In the interior design, we find an infinity of products destined to the nautical decoration of our home, space of work or specific areas of our housing.

There is a wide range of nautical decorative objects such as furniture, paint, carpets, paintings, chairs and mirrors.

The nautical mirrors are no longer simple objects. They have evolved becoming part of the decoration of a home, marking style, becoming the protagonists of any corner of our house. The keys to choosing a nautical mirror are in the frame, shape and size.

Nautical mirrors can be divided into categories according to their style, shape and size. Round, rectangular or oval are some of their forms, large and small, their sizes and eye of ox or vintage among others, their styles.


Porthole Mirror

Portholes or hatches are windows installed on the sides of the boat. They are usually oval or round and can be fixed or practicable. The traditional nautical mirrors or portholes that can be opened give the ship more ventilation inside.

Our porthole mirrors are made from solid earth-fused brass, a traditional craftsmanship technique used for bronze and brass pieces. They can be hand-polished with a glossy finish or aged brass to create a vintage look.

We also have porthole mirrors made of other materials such as wood and iron, or aluminium, and with bright finishes and patinas to achieve worn finishes and painted in rustic finish in white or blue.


Where to Place a Nautical Mirror

Any zone of house is apt to put a nautical mirror, but in the case of the wood ones, zones with humidity like the bath are not the best ones.

The hall is an ideal space to place a nautical mirror standing, is an elongated rectangular mirror that is placed directly on the floor, with full-body measures, accompanied by a carpet of long pile in a tone that highlights the mirror.

For the living room floor recommend two options depending on the size of the dining room:

For a small dining room, I recommend placing a large rectangular mirror because having much more reflection area; we will continue to increase the sensation of amplitude. If we can position it in front of a window, apart from reflecting the garden or the outside, we will also increase the brightness. All advantages!

And for a living room that does not have problems of space I recommend to place a set of nautical mirrors, in the form of mural. I use small mirrors with various shapes: sun, star, flower, hexagonal to create a spectacular mirror collage.

You know that this is my recommendation for you to take ideas to decorate yourself to your liking, remember that this is not a recipe for a dessert where you have to follow the instructions to the letter, here you can improvise, there is the trick.

For the corridors also uses the technique of small nautical mirrors with different shapes, but not grouped in the same place, I position them along the hallway, and depending on the hall, no more than 3. We do not want to recharge the environment.

As for the bedroom, possibly it is one of those areas where it makes more sense to put a nautical mirror in white and navy blue. Leaving aside the decoration (only an instant) a room is to relax, and always recommend that it is a pleasant place, painted with light and warm tones. Precisely a nautical mirror gives us colour and light, so we have a two in one, design and functionality.

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