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It sometimes happens that we have to wait longer than the expected to collect our suitcase in the airports, and after the start running of the luggage belt, the trickle off luggage bags starts. Hundreds of suitcases claim their owner. They are multiple designs that reveal, almost without intending it, the personality of those who will pick them up.

There is luggage with a hardcover, there are printed fabrics, nautical, marine, nature, electric colours… some are huge others have a discreet size…

Although sometimes we are not aware, every choice we make, even at the time of dressing, we convey a message. The nautical luggage and specifically, the anchor luggage, belongs to the most elegant and refined people who waits for the bags, just from now on look at this detail.

Nautical Anchor Luggage?

Pasport on Nautical suitcase

For the frequent traveller, and the newcomer, knowing the conditions that a nautical anchor suitcase must-have is essential to have a trip as comfortable as possible.

Is that in a world where the itinerary of the trip, the processing of documentation in the customs, waiting times and future stopovers, are not so pleasant journeys, where the suitcase should be the least disturbing.

Before purchase any of our anchor luggage, a series of recommendations must be considered:

  • Do not forget that the standard measurements for the hand luggage are 55x40x20 cm.
  • You must consider the possible durability of the suitcase, since you do not want to reach the new country with half luggage.
  • The handle of the suitcase must be quite extendable, so that it does not hinder when walking.
  • For the USA, ensure that the nautical suitcase has TSA security, regardless of whether it is hand-held.


Types of Nautical Suitcases

Before travelling, it is a good idea to know what type of aircraft will be addressed to understand the functionality of this, which will significantly reduce the chances of choosing the anchor suitcase, and this is not a negative point.

It is necessary to mention that regardless of the anchor luggage that is going to be used, it is fundamental to know how to order it to avoid oversights, establish priorities and maximize the functionality of the suitcase, as essential.


Hard Nautical Luggage

Advantage. They are perfect to support weight, they come with better security by padlocks, and lock with numeric key; They protect the contents better, they are waterproof, they last, and they are cleaned more easily.

Disadvantages. They scratch very easily, they can be broken with a strong blow. Being rigid, they do not adapt to spaces, and at the market level, they are much more expensive.

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Semi Expander Nautical Suitcases

Advantage. Unlike the previous one they are much cheaper, the material is a little more flexible so it can be narrowed, and they take good care of the content.

Disadvantages. They are harder to clean and can break easier.


Soft Nautical Suitcases

Advantage. Highly tolerable with the blows, lightweight, very flexible, are the most economical.

Disadvantages. They do not protect the inside of the suitcase very well, they wear out very quickly, they need constant cleaning and they break too easy.


Travel Nautical bags

The more you travel, the more chances you have of something to happen to your luggage. It doesn´t mean that you don´t have to travel so much, but you need to choose the proper luggage each time you go out. You may break a wheel on the conveyor belt or after years of trips to the beach, the zippers end up petrified. Try a simple nautical bag this time.

Advantage. Lightweight to carry and serve as a carry-on bag.

Disadvantages. As they do not have wheels, the weight is constant, they become so deformed that they may not conform to the standardized measures.


Nautical Anchor Beach Bags

Going to the beach is a pleasure. The sun, the sea, the sand … Oh no! The sand… You must take care of your cell phone, glasses, towels and sand snacks. Too bad if you don’t have the best nautical style beach bag for this.

There are almost always many things to take on a beach trip, sunscreen, swimsuits, if there are changing rooms in the place, hats, inflatables for children and why not? for adults too.

Simply put, that beach bag must be wide and sturdy, so it can carry all that many things. Also, the design should be appropriate and pleasant, and the nautical designs are the best.


Nautical Anchor Backpacks

We take care of our children, we work, we do sports and we also love to travel. We have managed to gain a foothold in all areas of life and participate in them especially actively.

A backpack is the ideal solution to develop each of these activities in the most comfortable way, with your hands-free and with easy access to everything you need.

That is why there are nautical backpacks for travel, sports, casual type for day to day … and how to choose the best nautical backpack? We have selected the best ones for you.

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We are the Nautical Luggage!

Therefore, time to time you have to consider buying new suitcases, but maybe after using your bags for so many years, you no longer remember what is most important when it comes to getting your new luggage.

Measure, weigh, read customer comments, consult a friend who works in this field, your family, your partner who travels by bus and someone who travels with a lot of weight, like tools or something like that. Or if not calm, because we have already done it for you. If you have questions about what your next suitcase should look like, we have the answers.

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