Nautical Anchor Keychain

Are you looking for a cute nautical keychain? If you have come here there are two sure things; 1-You need a new keychain, and 2-You are looking for a vintage keyring with a nautical symbol related to the sea. We believe that we can meet your two needs since we have a great variety of nautical keychains with low prices.

The anchor keychains are one of the best gifts that exist do you want something good, beautiful, cheap and elegant to give away? What you are looking for is an anchor keyring!

Now, what better than to be able to choose among the dozens of keychain anchor models that we put at your disposal at and that is why we are the best nautical key holder shop on the internet. Take a look at our keyring models and click on the one that calls your attention to know all its details.

Anchor Keychain for Men and Women at the Best Price

Men´s Anchor keychain out of the pocket

You are no longer 15 years old, and yet you still wear emoji key rings! Or even worse, critically chains from plumbers or electricians If you take care of your appearance (because you want to look elegant) and you usually buy beautiful and stylised clothes, accessories that cost even more than the clothes that you wear why don´t you use key chains according to your style and personality?

The anchor keychains are simple but elegant, with defined lines, a famous silhouette with a strong symbolism. An anchor keyring will tell a lot about the man or woman who carries it.

The Anchor Keychain

Under these lines, we have brought you a selection of anchor keychains of different materials with low prices and high quality. If you are a lover of the sea and nautical this type of brass anchor keychains are perfect for you.

The anchor represents firmness, strength and stability apart from a lasting union such as this object with the ship to which it belongs. No ship sails without an anchor so do not leave our website without your anchor keychain.

Vintage Metal Brass Anchor Keychain
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  • ♥ What's INCLUDED ♥ 15cm by 5cm Trademarked eMosQ Kraft Paper Gift Box Trademarked eMosQ Handmade Vintage Brass Keychain
Pirate Skull Anchor Keychain
  • Pirate Skull Anchor Keychain With Genuine Leather Trendy Keyring Gift
  • Antique bronze plated color pendant is made of zinc metal alloy, lead free, nickel free and genuine leather.
  • pendant measures approx 5cm x 4m.Total Length: approx 11cm.
  • High quality and very nice and trendy look.
  • Perfect gifts for boyfriend for christmas, birthday, anniversary, love, family, friends etc.

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Vintage Alloy Anchor Keychain
  • material: metal
  • Suitable place: unisex
  • Hanging form: hanging
  • Applicable places: opening ceremony, employee benefits, travel commemoration, advertising promotion
  • Keychain size: 3.5 x 0.2 x 0.98cm
Anchor and Chain Keychain
  • Noble keyring / keychain
  • Lovingly administered
  • Unique design
  • H-Customs original product
  • Delivery from Germany!
Anchor and Rope - Boat Boating - Nickel Plated Metal Popcap Bottle Opener Keychain Key Ring
  • Unique pop bottle cap shaped keychain
  • Working bottle cap opener too
  • Plated metal with the printed and urethane encased design shown
  • Pop cap is approximately 1.5" (38mm) in diameter
  • Seriously cool
Zip Puller Anchor Keychain
  • 20mm Bag Clasp
  • Tibetan Silver Charm of your Choice
  • Great Stocking Filler Gift Idea
  • Item Comes Gift Bagged
  • Fast Delivery

The Rudder Keychain

For those who always need a change, the rudder key is perfect because, in a boat, this object is the one that directs the boat to new directions. If you want to symbolise that you have control over your life, buy any of the great rudder keychains that we offer you.

Women's Rudder Keychain with Crystals
  • Steel, Polished, Steel - L. 12 cm - W. 4,3 cm - H. 1 cm
Nautical Floating Rudder Keychain
  • Key Ring And The floats to make your your keys to store
  • Ruder form
  • Made made of a solid compressed foam so they'll easily floats
  • Diameter: approx. 70 mm
  • Colour: Blue
Wooden Rudder and Anchor Keychain
  • Wood, Brown - L. 7 cm - W. 5 cm - H. 1 cm
Vintage Bronze Rudder Keychain
  • Material: Alloy
  • Pendant Size:4cm Weight:26g
  • Fashion, lovely, creative, easy to use, great practical keychain gift.

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No products found.


The Compass Keychain

The compass is a physical representation of the northern star, used by sailors to guide their travels; In this way, the compass represents the direction and orientation that should be taken when you set a goal. Buy one of our beautiful compass keychains, and you will always remember it.

nijiahx Nautical Compass Keychain, Compass Rose, Mariner's Compass, Sailing, Boating Key Chain
  • Nautical Compass Keychain, Compass Rose, Mariner's Compass, Sailing, Boating Key Chain
  • Festival gift;Holiday gift St. Valentine's Day gift Easter gift
  • Mother’s Day gift Father’s Day gift Halloween gift Thanksgiving Day gift
  • Christmas gift New Year’s Day gift girlfriend gift boyfriend gift mother gift
  • father gift teacher gift St. Patrick’s Day gift Memorial Day gift


Elegant Nautical keychains for men

For a man, not all the key chains are correct. A brave and independent man, as the sailor, must carry anchor keychains, rudder, ships, sails, nets, ropes and everything related to the sailor and his boat.

For the man is the rudeness, strength and passion of the sea in shades of navy blue and white with reds and yellows and the grey and black tone in the background of everything.


Beautiful Nautical keychains for women

The woman, unlike the man, must use keychains related to the sea and the marine life such as the dolphins, seashells, starfishes, sea horses, fishes, seagulls and even mermaids.

For a woman, we recommend the beauty and delicacy of the marine creatures with bright colours, green, blue, pink, violet and of course the maritime key chain blue and white.

In our store you will find all the keyrings of nautical and marine themes that you always looked for, all gathered in one place.


Buy Anchor Keychains in our Online Store

A good anchor keychain is probably the ideal gift for any lover of the sea why? Simply because the key rings are usually cheap and cheap but very lovely gifts. Look carefully at the collection of anchor keychains that we put at your disposal.

We have many designs and materials as brass Anchor key rings, silver anchor key rings, stainless steel and many more.

Nauticalanchor is the # 1 store on the internet of articles of nautical anchors. We have the best prices, the best offer and a passion for the sea and all nautical and maritime stuff.

Everything you buy through our portal will be through the Amazon platform, with which your shopping experience will be perfect, with the speed and security of the e-commerce giant and its excellent return policy.

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Cheap Anchor Keychains

In our online store, we offer you a multitude of cheap anchor keychains that you will love. For both men and women, we have cheap nautical keychains of multiple designs and shapes, but all of them are made with high-quality materials but with a low price.

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