Nautical Images

The nautical images have a unique charm, but at the same time, a great difficulty. For those who love the sea, the boats, the maritime but who do not dare to go out with a camera of photos when they are near the water we present you an incredible collection under these lines.

Taking your Own Nautical Photographs

If you are considering going on a cruise or renting a boat, do not worry, it is not necessary to have professional equipment to make some incredible photographs from the ship. You must consider some aspects to make some spectacular nautical photographs

Nautical Photography

The first thing we have to take into account is the type of camera we have. It does not matter if it is compact, semi-compact or SLR, as well as the model, the unique thing that values is knowing how to get the most out of the tool with which we are going to work.

It should be shown in thought that when we are sailing on a ship, and we want to take a photo, the choice of camera will significantly influence our way of working and the result we will obtain. On the one hand, compact cameras, due to their small size, are much easier to transport than reflex cameras. Also, they are quite resistant to shock and water. They have a reasonably slow shot; this could be the main counter when it comes to taking nautical photos since many times it is necessary to obtain a fast-enough photo speed, you do not know when a dolphin is going out to greet you.

On the other hand, reflex cameras have a point in favour to have interchangeable objectives, which means that we can use the most appropriate for each situation. It has a quick focus that makes the job much easier. However, they are much heavier and uncomfortable to transport what they can do that if we do not control their handling, we have some problem. Another option would be the semi-compact, is an intermediate point between the SLR and the compact.

As we have said, the choice of the camera is very personal and depends on many factors not only those mentioned above, but some specific aspects must be taken into account for the realization of nautical photography that will also help us to decide for a type of camera or another.

The first and most essential advice is always to have the camera ready. Although it can often seem silly, it is crucial that when we start taking nautical photographs, we are very attentive and always available to press the button at the right time.

It is best to use a lens that has a good field of vision, such as 28 mm. However, the best would be a wide-angle, since it offers us excellent framing possibilities.

Many times, when taking photographs, people do not keep the same luminosity as the background; one of the most used tricks to avoid brightness is the use of flash. Although it is not advisable to abuse the flash, some times can make us a perfect role. That yes, eye with the flash when we are sailing at night because it can blind the captain and cause some problem.

The sea is an ideal place to enjoy the sky and all that this can bring to the photos. The backlighting in the ocean can be incredible. However, you do not have to shoot a backlit photo, and that’s it, you have to think about what you’re doing, always think about the sun and what you want to show and transmit with that photo. Also, keep in mind that the best hours of light are still the first and last. You can achieve different colours if you play with the white balance depending on how the sun is at that moment. Playing with this is an incredible experience that makes us obtain spectacular results.

Positioning yourself on the boat to take photos can be complicated at first until we get used to the movement of the boat and familiarize ourselves with the obstacles on the boats. One of the best pictures we can take is going up to the mast of the sailboat or fly if it is a motor. In this way we can make some incredible photos of the bay, the port, the crew. But you must be very cautious if the boat is sailing as it can be quite dangerous.

Furthermore, it should be carried in mind that the sea seen from the earth is much more beautiful than the land seen from the sea. Although it seems silly is a factor to be considered because it makes a difference.

It is true that the cameras are very delicate and that their care is critical. If we put together something as sensitive as the cameras with water or sand, the result is not very positive. That is why we have to go with a lot of caution and care when we go to take nautical photographs. It is not prudent to leave the camera for a long time exposed to the sun or to place it directly on the sand. Some rigid casings protect the cameras from the water, they are quite bulky, but they can save us from many problems.

It is imperative that after a photo session on the beach or at sea we take time to clean the camera. If we do not, the sand can accumulate and damage our camera. In short, taking nautical photographs is just another way of photographing, with its specific characteristics and recommendations, but in the end, it is still photography. We will only have to put into practice everything we already know about this art, considering the conditions in which we find ourselves. Undoubtedly, like everything, it is practical, so the best way to get some fantastic nautical photos is to go sailing with our camera.

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