Anchor Earrings

The anchor earrings are the ideal accessory to express your style. It´s one of the first jewels that draw attention when you start a conversation since when we speak we move our head, and it is inevitable to look at the earrings we are wearing.

The anchor earrings are special jewels, which define our style and personality very well: stable, strong and elegant.

Gold Anchor Earrings

If there is a material used worldwide and since time immemorial in jewellery, that is gold. An elegant material that, together with the symbol of the anchor is the perfect combination to buy some earrings with style.

If you want to buy gold anchor earrings, you should be clear about some things before choosing the perfect gold earrings:

When choosing gold earrings, do not look at the colour, the important thing is the carats; 24 carats would be almost equivalent to pure gold, although it is very difficult to find anchor earrings with this number of carats. In this way, the more carats, more purity and the less carats less purity, the most common are those of 18, 14 and 10 carats.

We will always find gold mixed with other metals that will provide other qualities such as hardness and colour.

Gold Anchor Earrings

On the other hand, we already know that the more carats, the more purity the earrings have. This does not mean that they are better since the more pure, the earrings will be softer because gold in its purest state is a malleable material and there would be more risk of them deforming or even breaking, that is the reason why the most common are those of 18, 14 or 10 carats.

Always try to be thick and wide so they can better support the day to day, even if they are a little more expensive.

One of the most important things to look for is to see that carats are engraved, since most countries oblige by law and if they do not have that engraving it could be a scam.

The colour of gold is yellow naturally but the yellow colour changes over time, but it has nothing to do with the quality of the earrings, it is a natural process. In the case of white gold is usually combined with palladium to maintain its colour and brightness.


Silver Anchor Earrings

Many people prefer earrings compared to gold earrings, both for being cheaper and for elegance, since silver is usually less striking than gold and combines very well with any garment.

Silver Anchor Earrings

To measure the quality of silver its law is used. Silver 1000 is pure silver, but it is used very little in jewellery because it is very soft.

As is done with gold, silver is mixed with other metals and the lower its law, the greater amount of other metals it will have, but at the same time it will be more resistant. The minimum law that we recommend is 925 silver.

Like gold, silver anchor earrings must be engraved with a small number that indicates its law and if not, you should doubt its quality and authenticity.

The silver blackens as a result of a natural oxidation process, this blackening occurs in the presence of sulphur so the more presence of sulphur there is in the environment the more it will oxidize, however, the silver is very easy to clean.

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Platinum Anchor Earrings

Gold and silver are well known for their beauty, but Platinum is for its strength and hardness, although it is scarcer and therefore more expensive.

Platinum can be confused with silver or white gold, so you must be very careful when buying platinum anchor earrings. Platinum has a system like that of silver to determine its purity, being 1000 the purest and the letters that are recorded are Pt or Plat.

Remember that platinum is much heavier than silver and it is not grated, unlike silver.

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Stainless Steel Anchor Earrings

It is a tendency to wear stainless-steel jewellery because it can easily be combined with any type of clothing, being elegant and simple, so they will not attract much attention in a negative way.

These stainless-steel anchor earrings can be combined with other steel jewellery, either anchor earrings, or anchor pendants. You can use them on any occasion, be it at work, when you go out with your friends for a walk, at a party or family gathering and especially at a romantic date like anywhere.

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Why buy Anchor Earrings?

It’s very simple, the Anchor Earrings are ideal as a complement jewellery for any occasion, and for anything that we wear: jeans, party dresses, casual.

In the shop, you will find earrings for girls, earrings for woman, earrings in silver, earrings with precious stones, our selection is the best.

All the earrings we show are made with noble materials, such as silver or stainless steel, and in most cases are topped with precious stones, zircons or premium crystals.

In addition to the quality of our earrings with anchors, observe the careful design. Most of the designs are exclusive and original, so you should choose quickly, some will be available only for a limited time, until stocks run out.

Another point in favour is that we have cheap earrings, compared to what you could find in any conventional jewellery.

Surely you find the earrings you were looking for, and after going through a lot of stores you have not found. Now all you have to do is select it and pay with your credit card. In a few hours you can wear it in your hand.

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