Compass tattoos to follow your path

Almost every person who gets a tattoo longs for their drawings to have some special meaning. In this case the compass as a symbol of the sea and sailors has become one of the most demanded tattoos. Whether it is because of what the compass symbolizes or because you like tattoos of this type, it is undoubtedly a unique drawing.

Like the art of tattooing itself, the meaning of the compass printed on the skin has changed over time. Nowadays you don’t need to be a sailor, a fisherman or a famous adventurer to tattoo a compass on your body. For some it may remind you of an important moment in your life or someone special. Others simply like this style of tattooing.

Antique compasses

However beyond our personal purposes, the compass represents its own purposes. Maybe when you understand the different meanings of tattooing a compass, it will become your first choice to draw one on your body.

Old meaning of compass tattoos

Sailors used to tattoo the compass as a symbol of their work, as it was an instrument they used almost all the time. The compass has always been the object of orientation par excellence and is extremely easy to use. In this article we show you how to do it.

Until advanced digital or technological systems for satellite orientation were developed, the compass was practically the only effective instrument for orienting at sea.

But beyond its working meaning for seafarers, it was also an object that reminded them of the way home. For them it was usual to spend months, even years without seeing their family or enjoying the warmth of their home.

That is why a compass tattoo not only identified them as expert sailors, but also reminded them and others how important the return was, more than the destination.

These explanations can give us the first clues to analyse the meaning of the compass as a tattoo. The classic meaning of being a symbol of orientation and guidance is indisputable, but perhaps tattooing a compass has much more meaning than you imagine.

Meanings of compass tattoos today 

Compass Tattoos as the Meaning of Time

If you consider your time to be extremely valuable and always expect to make the most of every minute, then tattooing a compass will always remind you of this goal. Including an arrow, an hourglass or some such symbol in your compass tattoo will make you keep this mantra in mind all the time.

Compass Tattoo as a guide

The compass is par excellence a symbol of guidance, direction and the right path. Since the 10th century it has been used by sailors to find their way on long journeys. Today it is the instrument of choice for the most adventurous, whether at sea or on land.

So getting a compass tattoo means having the right path in mind, being clear about your goals and objectives, as well as your desire to always be on the right track. It will remind you that in order to fulfill your dreams it is important to follow that path, even if it takes your whole life to achieve it.

Accompanying it equally with a nice sentence that makes clear the objective of your tattoo makes it more direct and understandable to others. Although it is you who must be clear about its meaning.

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Formerly the tattoo of a compass or rather the North Star, symbol present in many of the pocket compasses, symbolized the desire to return home. This makes it the perfect tattoo for those who have to travel many times a year for work or for those who are away from home or their family for other reasons.

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