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Probably many of you have already made “the change” in the wardrobe, and you have been surprised at the amount of summer striped shirts, blouses, tops and dresses. And the stripes are the summer print par excellence.

The stripes and all the nautical motifs that you can imagine: anchors, rudders, fish, seahorses, boats but without a doubt, the sailor stripes are the winner by far. They never go out of style and are both vertical and horizontal. But do you know how and when this trend was born?

Coco Chanel was the first designer to include stripes in women’s fashion.

The sailor-style or what is the same, the striped garments, the colours blue, white and red, and the golden buttons is not a fad now. It’s a classic that has been around for decades.

Nautical Clothing

Why is it blue navy and not turquoise? Because around 1837, the coronation of Queen Victoria in England and the founding of the British Royal Navy took place, from which a uniform emerged that distinguished the official sailors from the fishermen.

They say it was the fleet captain, H.M.S Blazer, who uniformed the entire crew with a blue twill jacket with white trim and metal buttons, whether they were silver or gold.

And why are they stripes and not triangles or rhombuses? The story goes that “plain colours were reserved for Navy Officers, while sailors without high ranks wore stripes: blue and white in case anyone fell into the sea.” Curious, right? A trend that transmitted and continues to convey the same concept of freedom and a rebel and adventurous spirit.

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Anchor clothing

Anchor clothing are in fashion; even celebrities wear them, why are you going to be less than them?

You do not have to search every store in the mall to discover that it is difficult to find the dress you are looking for. Now that we make it easy for you, we have selected the best and most daring clothing designs with anchors, so you must do one thing: decide which one you want to wear.


Marine clothing

Marine clothing is a style that is always a trend. It is already a classic.

Navy style or marine fashion is a style that is still there every year and every season. This style is rich in colours such as navy blue, red, white stripes, illustrations of anchors, boat drawings, knot prints all these marine symbols printed on t-shirts, sandals, chinos or jeans with buttons engraved with nautical symbols too.

Also, marine fashion goes beyond the world of clothing and reaches the skin, as many people tattoo anchors and other nautical symbols.

With the marine clothing, you will always feel comfortable and, depending on the outfit (shoes or accessories that you wear), you can go from a very severe and formal style to a more informal and youthful one.

With marine clothing you can make many combinations for any occasion or event.


Best Nautical and Anchor Clothing Store

Buy anchor clothing; it doesn’t have to be just because it’s fashionable, you should buy it because you like it, it’s that simple.

I know that the anchors have their symbolism, and maybe you would like to have beautiful clothing with anchors, just because you are in love with these decorative maritime objects, or because they are a sign of strength, firmness, security and stability.

In the store you will find clothing for girls, clothing for women, for boys and men, in all sizes, clothing with sleeves, sleeveless clothing. If it is crucial that before buying look the size, so you do not have to go through the returns.

Because you should know that, if the clothing you buy do not like or do not fit, you always have the option to change it.

We are sure that in this selection you will find the clothing you are looking for, you know that it is straightforward to make the purchase, you have to select the product, find your size and pay with your credit card. In a few hours you can use it and show it on the street.

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