Rudder Symbolism

Rudder Symbol Meaning

Do you want to know what the symbolism of a ship’s helm beyond the real object it is is? For centuries it has been used as the symbol of the depths of the sea, of the unknown riches of the ocean, the prosperity and evolution of the material, and its use honours and invokes the … Read more

Anchors Dream Meaning

Anchors Dream

9 Interpretations of Dreaming with Anchors. Have you dreamed with a nautical anchor? It is more frequent than you can have this type of dreams if you like nautical, however, for those who do not feel passion for the sea or maritime navigation, it can also be interpreted in many ways that should be taken … Read more

Anchor Tattoo

Anchor Tattoo

Do you desire to know everything about the anchor tattoo? We will tell you all; from the meaning of the real nautical anchor to the spiritual significance of the anchor tattoo. Do you know what an anchor tattoo on the skin mean? Where would you tattoo an anchor? Did you see all types and designs … Read more

Anchor Symbol Meanings

anchor symbolism

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of the anchor symbol? what do anchors symbolize? The six primary meanings are: Relationships: a strong, deep, resistant and invincible bond Christianity: spiritual meaning, linked to salvation Love: firm life for couples Hope: support against the complications that life presents Stability: it represents the stable part of … Read more

Anchor History

Anchor History

An element that accompanies every boat is the anchor. Very useful for the navigator and the archaeologist, as well as for the maritime ethnographer. The anchors were changing over time and accompanied the evolution of shipbuilding and the movement of the towns by the great highways of the past: the sea and the great rivers. … Read more