Nautical Brooches

Nautical anchor brooch on men´s suit

The Nautical brooches; that unique piece that enhances any type of garment for special occasions.

The brooch with nautical or sailor themes is the piece that can never be missing in a jeweller.

Of different styles and classes, the brooch will always be the piece that stands out and brightness to the garment.

Although we could say that it is a piece fundamentally used by women, with the time this jewel, whose goal is to be a more decorative part of our clothing at the same time serving as a coupling, is straining in the jewellers of the most elegant men.

In our store you´ll find the anchor brooches made with the best materials and exclusive designs in most cases.

Anchor Brooches

Maybe you associate the anchor brooch with two things, the look of your grandmother, and that of teenagers obsessed with coloured pins hanging from their backpacks. So, you wonder, how can this accessory be chic? Well, the anchor brooch or anchor pin, don´t have to be too young, or too old-fashioned.

This discreet jewel can transform any simple top, coat, and even chewed, giving a dash of originality and creativity. It is an art to wear anchor brooches (and a very old one).


Vintage Nautical Brooches

The nautical brooches have always been present in fashion, and in the history of clothing, being that they were used to secure clothes. Now this nautical jewel has more decorative than utilitarian purpose (although of course you can also fasten a chew with them), but the truth is that we cannot qualify this accessory to be in trend, because it has always been present in our wardrobe, and stealthily it sprouts and goes constantly unnoticed on the streets, walkways, and even Instagram.

The vintage nautical brooches are one of those objects that last forever, are part of that eternal classic style, and yes, perfect for any age. Without more, we give you some tips to carry this accessory.


Minimalist Nautical Brooch

The brooch will be your ally. When you want to choose a simpler and more sophisticated look, this jewel can emerge as the saviour of your look.

Many women are currently wearing these brooches with elegantly and they make it the complete ideal of a monochromatic and simple outfit. If you find nautical brooches in metallic colours, or even with rhinestones, these will be ideal to play with any garment.


Rudder Nautical Brooch in your Outfit

With the nautical brooches you must decide, do you want it to be the total focus of your outfit or a complement? It is inevitable that the place so central and striking where we place them, that our gaze will always be directed towards them.

Being that this type of jewellery has a leading role in the wardrobe, it is imperative that you choose original pieces, or that they mean something to you. Also, not only do they have to look like antique nautical jewellery, but they can be made of modern materials. One of our favourite are the rudder brooches. No doubt wherever you go, this accessory will attract attention, and unleash an interesting conversation.

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Seahorse Nautical Brooch

With the seahorse pins, more, it’s more. There is no point in hiding it, invest in quality accessories and originals that can look perfect on any outfit. Try playing with different sizes and colours, the idea is to learn to mix them with your existing wardrobe.

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Boat Nautical Brooches

Our ancestors already used this decorative piece so why not to continue using it today? From the Bronze Age comes this jewel that always is elegant and will never go out of fashion and the boat brooch is a classic, meaning of elegance and style. Made out of different materials and variable shapes, the boat brooch is one of the most used objects as complement for our clothes.


Collections of Nautical Brooches

You can opt for a minimalist version like the anchor or the rudder, but you can also choose to group different nautical brooches into families (Boats, knots, nets, sea animals, seagulls…). Either by theme (Sea, beach, ship,…), colour (Blues, navy, stripes,…), having different textures, in short, the possibilities with this accessory are endless.


Buy Anchor Brooches Online

If among your questions is where to buy anchor brooches and do it quickly, in our online store you can find a great variety of brooches, you can buy with the best quality and better price brooches of internet. has a wide variety of this unique piece of jeweller. Pearl brooches, silver, gold,… with white zircons, all with different designs.

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