Anchor Bracelets

Paul Hewitt anchor pherps bracelet pink for women

It’s an accessory that has become quite popular in recent years. Especially it is an excellent piece of jewellery for men, who traditionally have been much more limited than women in terms of designs and number of brands.

If you are interested in buying an anchor bracelet, you can find in our store a great variety of different models.

Currently, we have multiple anchors and different hooks, some in 18k gold plate or silver.

Likewise, we have many different laces to make your favourite combination, including leather bracelets, giving a touch of exclusivity and style to your outfit.

Anchor Bracelets Tom Hope for Women and Men

Buy online with a quick expedition in our catalogue the authentic Tom Hope bracelets for women, men and unisex.

Tom Hope is a modern and vibrant brand with a timeless design that uses the anchor and the rope as the typical bracelets of the sailors.

Tom Hope creates trend bracelets for the summer that arrives. They are perfect as gifts for both women and men. Light and practical these bracelets are the “must-have” of the latest trends!


Tom Hope Classic Bracelets

The best-known bracelet of the Tom Hope brand is the Triple Black bracelet; This brand bracelet is a wonderful luxury version.

The darkness of the sea depths inspires the bracelet for the black polyester cord and the sterling silver anchor plated with black platinum (rhodium).

Without a doubt, this is an excellent accessory for different occasions since it combines well with any garment.

This handmade bracelet is unisex, with a 3mm black polyester UV resistant cord. The anchor is free of nickel or lead and withstands time well.

Unisex Tom Hope bracelet - Triple Black


Tom Hope Leather Bracelets

When we talk about leather bracelets, we have to talk about Tom Hope’s Daytona Black bracelet.

This bracelet is made of high-quality Italian leather, hand braided and attached to an anchor of the firm that also has a novel black coating.

It doesn’t matter if you dress formally or informally, since this bracelet combines perfectly with both styles.

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Tom Hope Women Bracelets

For women, we have brought this Tom Hope bracelet called Saint. It has a subtle and elegant design, with a finish that makes it an exclusive accessory for the most stylish women.

You can wear this bracelet in any event, whether formal or informal.

This bracelet is adjustable, made of brass with a gold plating and with the Tom Hope brand anchor.


Anchor Bracelet Paul Hewitt

Paul Hewitt is a young German firm dedicated to the world of watchmaking and jewellery. It was born in 2009, and today it has become one of the most important and famous brands in the market. All its collections have managed to make the public fall in love, which is why the brand has a large number of followers.

In jewellery, his star piece is the nautical wristband, Pherps, inspired by the sea and maritime navigation. These bracelets are unisex, for men or women, indistinctly. Paul Hewitt eliminates the stereotypes and conventions that govern society and that there is nothing written about tastes.


Paul Hewitt Bracelets with Anchor Pherps

Paul Hewitt describes his bracelets with Pherps anchor as minimalist, nautical and elegant. They are perfect to combine with other accessories, especially with their watches, is the composition par excellence.

Paul Hewitt pherps anchor bracelet Gold Nylon Marineblau

With the Paul Hewitt brand, you choose. Pherps wristbands are available in a wide variety of colours and materials. Nylon, great leather, anti-allergic steel or metal. As for the tones, you can find from the most classic shades to the most daring ones. Winter tones, black, brown, navy blue, summer colours, pink, beige or white.

Besides, Paul Hewitt bracelets can be found in seven sizes. Finding one that fits you perfectly is not going to be a problem:

  • XS (16.00cm)
  • S (17.00cm)
  • M (18.00)
  • L (19.00cm)
  • XL (20.00cm)
  • XXL (21.00cm)
  • XXXL (22.00cm)


Collection of Paul Hewitt Bracelets with Anchor Pherps

It’s a small selection of what you can find in the collection of Paul Hewitt bracelets. Get ready to enter a nautical, and elegant world, its sleek and straightforward lines seduce yourself.

The line of Pherps bracelets can be divided depending on the materials that have been used.

PAUL HEWITT Women Anchor Bracelet PHREP Lite mit Nylon Bracelet in Grey and Anchor Made of IP Rose...
  • PAUL HEWITT Bracelets PHREP made of Nylon in Grey and Anchor in Plated Rose Gold for Women
  • Material Anchor: Stainless Steel - ion-plated Rose Gold
  • Color Bracelet: Grey, Color Anchor: Rose-Gold
  • Size: L (19 cm)
  • Note: Suitable for a wrist circumference of 16 - 16,5 centimetres


Bracelets Paul Hewitt Leather and Steel

In this section, we find the bracelets made with magnificent leather and hypoallergenic steel. They are the most resistant of the collection due to the types of materials used.

A high-quality leather fibre is used, which has a homogeneous and robust structure. Also, Paul Hewitt contributes a grain of sand to take care of the environment; leather fibre is manufactured in ecological conditions.

Likewise, the steel used attracts attention for its high properties and its excellent finish. The anchors, which in turn make closure, have three types of shades: gold, rose gold and silver.

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Bracelets Paul Hewitt Leather and Metal

Another section of Paul Hewitt bracelets is made of genuine leather and metal bathed in aged shades. They are cheaper than the previous ones because of the materials used, but this does not mean that they lose quality, but rather that the materials are simple.

The leather used is the same as the previous one; it does not make any difference. These Paul Hewitt bracelets differ in the material and finishing of the anchors. They are made of metal and not of steel; they are bathed with a treatment of first quality, but with an aged finish, which gives them a more vintage look.


Paul Hewitt Nylon and Steel Bracelets

Nylon gives Paul Hewitt bracelets a more informal and sporty look, perfect for our casual and improvised outfits. Although it is a more economical material than great leather, it has some advantages.

If the bracelet gets wet, the nylon is quicker to dry, lighter and more flexible than leather. Besides, if by some accident it is stained, it is cleaned more comfortably and efficiently way than the skin.

In these Paul Hewitt bracelets, the anchor is made of hypoallergenic steel, finished with an IP bath, in its three classic shades: rose gold, gold and silver. Its finish is in brightness.


Paul Hewitt Nylon and Metal Bracelets

The comfort of nylon and the elegance of the vintage style come together in these Paul Hewitt bracelets, they are extra comfortable and lightweight bracelets. Perfect for people who like discreet and simple accessories, since unlike steel finished in brightness, these bracelets have a “worn” finish.


The Keys of Paul Hewitt Pherps Bracelets

There are numerous reasons why the Paul Hewitt bracelets have triumphed; the truth is that it offers some advantages in which many other brands remain brief:

  • Paul Hewitt bracelets become the perfect gift for couples, with a romantic and special meaning, such as alliances.
  • They fit any style, whatever, from the most formal to the most casual.
  • Its variety of materials make Paul Hewitt bracelets adapt to all pockets, have a great balance between quality and price.
  • Its minimalist design is perfect to combine with the rest of your accessories. Do not worry about the size; Paul Hewitt has different measurements for each type of wrist.

Paul Hewitt Pherps bracelets are timeless, although they have a nautical style, thanks to its wide range of colours, you can wear them correctly in all seasons. In winter, he opts for darker colours, black, brown or blue. Leave the lighter and pastel shades for summer: white, grey or pink.

What did you think about the Paul Hewitt Pherps bracelets? They are bracelets that perfectly combine their minimalist and elegant design, with a high-quality of materials, nylon, leather or metal. This summer if you want to go to the latest trend, you will be tempted to buy a nautical wristband. You will not regret it!


Anchor Bracelets, the New Fashion Among Teenagers

Fashion accessories are perfect accessories for young people who want to give a special touch to their style. These accessories or accessories vary depending on several factors that are not foreseeable.

However, there are fashion accessories that never go out of style, such as watches, bracelets, sunglasses or earrings. Here we want to tell you about one of the most popular accessories among teenagers, the anchor bracelet.

The anchor bracelets or also called nautical wristbands are some cotton bracelets that have an anchor at one end that serves as decoration and closure of the bracelet itself. Many influencers have placed their anchor bracelets being one of the most demanded accessories in recent months.

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Characteristics of Anchor Bracelets

The characteristics of the anchor bracelets differ from the typical silicone bracelets because they have an elegant and youthful touch thanks to the end anchor.

Also, there are different types of bracelets due to the diversity of colours: white, black, red, blue, etc. Another advantage that these bracelets have is their high level of resistance that gives them an unmistakable style that will last you a long time.


Anchor Bracelets for Men and Women

It is one of the questions that most arise when someone sees an anchor bracelet, and the answer is straightforward: anchor bracelets are ideal for both men and women. As we have mentioned above, many colours allow us to choose the best bracelet and the best style for our wrist.

If you look in social networks, you will see that both men and women are aiming at the fashion of these bracelets.

The million-dollar question, where can I find an anchor bracelet? Very easy, at you can see this type of Vikings bracelets; anchor bracelet for women and anchor bracelet for men at an attractive price.


Anchor Bracelet Meaning

24 k atlantic one bracelet classics tomhope

Most of the people buy anchor bracelets for their beauty and unique style, two things that more accessories could give to our look. But the anchor in a bracelet has a very symbolic meaning that goes from remote times, when the sailors tattooed an anchor in the skin.

The anchor symbolizes strength, firmness, safety and stability, same qualities that an anchor provides to a boat. Therefore, each individual has his/her anchor; Our mother, father, brother, friend or partner. We all need that unique person that makes us feel safe even in the strongest storm.

Sometimes it’s necessary to stop our trip to rest, and then resume our journey with more considerable energy, vitality and enthusiasm for the discoveries that will come.

Therefore, the anchor bracelets, besides looking great on our wrists, can have a significant meaning, which will depend exclusively on the person who carries it.


Buy Anchor Bracelets in our Online Store

Gift anchor jewellery is to give elegance and transmit or want to say something to the loved one who receives it. We want to provide you with some ideas and proposals to give away anchor bracelets. In our online store you will find a vast assortment of anchor bracelets.

A silver anchor bracelets with leather and red rubber are a perfect complement for both men and women. This silver bracelet holds a lot of meaning, the first anchor: this amulet is synonymous with tranquillity and security, it is ideal for giving to those who have a somewhat unstable life and need peace.

The second is your red rope; the function of the red ribbon is to filter negative energies towards you. The red colour attracts envies and negative energies, that is why it is the colour chosen according to the legend for centuries.