Nautical Handbags & Purses

You can not leave home without your handbag or purse. But in addition to carrying the phone, wallet, lipstick and house keys, the handbag you carry tells a lot about your personality.

nautical handbags & purses

Sometimes we buy a purse because it combines well with what we are going to wear, but in other occasions, we look for a purse that we like, and that identifies with our way of being and thinking.

Check out the nautical handbags and purses of this section and try to identify yours among them.

Anchor Handbags & Purses

The classic canvas, striped and with cotton cord handbag went into the background.

Now, you will find it renewed, not only in materials (patent leather, gummed, patchwork and vinyl), but also its measures become more flexible. Mini, medium or maxi, it adapts to every moment of the day. The printed versions add colour to your look.

The anchor handbags and purses are an excellent solution for the unanimous desire of all women to transport life within a portfolio. They are super flexible and adapt to multiple styles.

Below, we give you some tips to consider when choosing a model.

  • Usually, there are multiple designs with two strips. The longer one is ideal for a more urban look, with converse shoes. While we can do it more formally using the shorter strap to be able to carry it on the shoulder and carry it with a suit.
  • A nautical purse is a good option for those who like to feel some freedom or for those who are very active.
  • The formality or informality of the handbag goes a lot for the colour, of course, the more neutral is the chosen tone.
  • We know, the sailor handbags are more informal; Allow yourself to play with the colours when choosing the bag that you like the most! If you opt for a coral tone, you can use it both in winter and in summer, and thus achieve a style where the portfolio takes all eyes and lift our outfit completely.
  • Something significant that you should consider: your height to use it. If you are short, try that the length of the portfolio does not exceed the first hip (use it with the short strip). On the contrary if you are high, you can play perfectly with the two pieces and adapt the length of the bag to your style.
  • If you have wide hips prevents the bag from leaning or reach that area, because it will increase the volume. If you have more volume in the abdominal area, do not use this type of wallets, they will not help you to delineate the shape of your body. Look for more structured wallets or with more geometric shapes.


Why buy Anchor Handbags or Purse?

Anchor handbags and anchor purses, even wallets with anchors. Our anchor friends are in a series of complements that define us.

Why buy them? Very simple, because we like them and want to show them off, they look great.

You can take them with your jeans; you can wear them with your party dress, you can make your handbag with all the possible looks, as long as you are comfortable.

The tough thing is going to be deciding between all these nautical handbags and purses, which is the one that you are going to buy. But you will only have to worry about choosing the model, the quality and the design we already take care of, selecting the best ones that are being manufactured at this moment, so that your satisfaction is total, and always at the best price.

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