Anchors Dream Meaning

9 Interpretations of Dreaming with Anchors.

Have you dreamed with a nautical anchor?

It is more frequent than you can have this type of dreams if you like nautical, however, for those who do not feel passion for the sea or maritime navigation, it can also be interpreted in many ways that should be taken into account. Dreaming of Anchors can be related, among others, to finances, emotions, travel, relationships, separations, and so on. Here we show you the most important ones in detail.

Finance and Emotions: 

Like the anchor gives stability to the ship when the sea currents displace it, if you have dreamed of anchors it is because you currently have economic or emotional stability or because you are in the process of regulating your finances or your emotions.


A classic interpretation of dreaming of anchors is related to the ancient sailors. It was an omen of having to leave, leave the port and sail the seas. In this way, this dream may be an omen that a journey may soon begin, although it does not have to be maritime, it will cross some seas or oceans.

Resistance to Change: 

The anchor in the boats is the symbol of security, stability and protection against storms, in this way in dreams it is interpreted as that resistance to change and fear of leaving our comfort zone, even when that change is clearly beneficial.


In the sentimental field, dreaming with anchors can be a sign that a relationship needs to be consolidated because the relationship seems to be adrift. Without a doubt, if you dreamed of anchors it is because you need to find stability in your life.


For sailors traditionally, the anchor was the symbol of calm waters, of favourable weather for navigation, in this way dreaming of anchors can presage separations between friends and family and in case of couple’s presage of disgust.


If you dreamed that you threw the anchor into the water, it is a sign that there is something in your life that does not progress, something that you have put a lot of enthusiasm and resources into and you do not get results, so you must stop and analyse if continue with that project. On the other hand, if you dreamed that you lifted the anchor, it means that you are ready for a new beginning in your life, whether it is work or sentimental.


If you have dreamed that you were not able to launch the anchor is a clear sign that you have trouble concentrating, instability and lack of control. It’s time to relax, calm down and focus on moving forward.


If you have dreamed that an anchor crawls means that the forces external to you are powerful and that you have a lot of weight on your shoulders so you must free yourself as soon as possible to achieve happiness.


If you dream that the anchor is lost, for a ship it would be a dangerous situation and risk could already drift. In this way, if we move into conscious life, it is equivalent to losing motivation and illusion.

Just as a ship should head to the nearest port to get a new anchor, you should look for those people you can rely on to get a new anchor.

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