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Torso simple anchor tattoo black and white

Do you desire to know everything about the anchor tattoo? We will tell you all; from the meaning of the real nautical anchor to the spiritual significance of the anchor tattoo.

Do you know what an anchor tattoo on the skin mean? Where would you tattoo an anchor? Did you see all types and designs of anchors tattoos?

In this post, you will see small and delicate anchor tattoos for ankles or wrists and larger and powerful ones for back, arms, shoulders and chest.

Also you are going to understand the old school style anchor tattoos and the modern ones, black and white tattoos and colour but always the anchor as protagonist.

Anchor Tattoo Meaning

Anchor tattoos have a lot of presence and meaning in the history of tattooing. This style of tattoo is still among one of the most demanded in tattoo studios today, despite being perhaps the first, or one of the first tattoos to be relatively common and fashionable for women and men.

The Old Meaning of Anchor Tattoos

The anchor symbol is as old as our history, and the current anchor tattoo is based on one of the oldest symbols in history. From the moment that Christianity was persecuted in Rome, some faithful marked their personal belongings and sometimes their bodies, with these symbols.

We can say that these engravings were the first anchor tattoos, but, do you know why? The Christian cross and an anchor are similar in proportions so that it was the perfect way to camouflage the Cross among the faithful of the religion persecuted by the Roman Empire.

Soon, the symbol of the anchor began to be used as a representation of the church and the ancient Christian faith. So it was firmly established in the early Christians, who despite being persecuted, clandestinely maintained religious practices.

The Meaning of Anchor Tattoos Today

The meaning of anchor tattoos today, is far from the symbolic representation that was made of this icon of the seas. However, it remains, in essence, the characteristics of strength, stability and firm and sincere belief in something.

The meaning of anchor tattoos has a quite logical general interpretation. It is a piece that is thrown into the depths of the sea, restricting the boat from moving, despite the different external agents such as water and wind.

The fact of anchoring to avoid being dragged by the movements of the tide can have many interpretations:

  1. The first meaning of anchor tattoos has to do with its direct link to the sea, which is why it has become an iconic image for sailors, fishers and naval military. The anchor is the representation of stability and also of the return to land after sailing, so it has become a significant figure for those who work in the ocean. For this reason, sailors and sea workers from the beginning of using the anchors in their tattoos, also conferred on them the meaning of good fortune, since it helped them to return safely and safely to their homes.
  2. An anchor represents the conviction and firmness in something, the immutability concerning that belief or decision, independently of the external “currents”.
  3. The tattoos of anchors and their meaning are very powerful, but also have a high aesthetic value. It has been taken to the level of classic within the culture, so today, for some people, anchor tattoos do not have to have a specific meaning.
  4. Another of the most important meanings of anchor tattoos is linked to the sentimental. Just as the anchor represents for the sailor the hope of returning home safely and confidently in the sea, this symbolism moves to the affections being the anchor the link that unites us to those we love, that holds us to those people we appreciate.

Anchor Tattoo Designs

Regardless of whether your anchor tattoo is going to be small or large, in colour or silhouette or if you want to surround it with other elements, such as anchor tattoos with flowers, rudders or boats, you must have a bright idea in your head so that the tattoo artist can accurately capture a design that fits the anchor tattoo you are looking for.

The tattoos of marine anchors that were made in their origin, were only the shape of the anchor, that is, with a series of strokes, represent the anchor, so it was made of many sizes, they were also used add initials or dates below.

Many sailors had the habit of tattooing a review of the ships they had sailed on, so they tattooed the name of the boat and an anchor on the back or arm.

Small Anchor Tattoo

Regardless of whether you are looking for a large design, or on the contrary, you choose to make a small anchor tattoo, you must bear in mind that in this case, it is essential to choose a body area in which is distorted as little as possible.

You must bear in mind that if you load the tattoo with complementary elements, such as anchor tattoos with roses, surrounded by letters, rudders or any nautical element that accompanies you, you should place the tattoo in a large area and as flat as possible.

Some suitable places to place these designs are the back and the wrist, although it is also common to find anchor tattoos on the ankle or foot. You will also see anchor tattoos behind the ear, or on the knuckles, these designs reduce the shape of the anchor to a few simple lines, which can represent the symbol in very small areas.

Images of Anchor Tattoo

Many of the tattoos of anchors for men or women admit different styles, from the most realistic, where we can see scratches on the metal or the strands of the rope, to those more figurative as the tattoos of old school anchors, which apply the style of the old school representing this nautical element in black and white and thick lines.

Ankle Anchor Tattoo Images

The ankle is one of the areas where anchor tattoos look better. The area is much wider than it may seem, the key is to take advantage of its anatomy to place the design that we like best adapting to it.

Anchor Round its Ankle Meaning

Getting a tattoo on your ankle says a lot of things about you, for starters, you are a balanced person, you know how to have fun, but you are also serious and responsible with your obligations.

Shoulder Anchor Tattoo images

Shoulder anchor tattoos are very popular among men and women, because it is a very versatile place, and many people choose to decorate them. The anchor tattoos that are placed in this area can vary from very small in size to quite large.

People sometimes choose to get anchor tattoos in the shoulder area as a place of prominence above other areas. If you already have a back tattoo, consider getting a smaller and related tattoo on your shoulder to complement it.

This area is especially liked for women to have a tattoo because it adds a little spice to a sexy place.

Forearm Anchor Tattoo Images

In recent years, forearm tattoos were a growing trend among men, but several women have also decided to perform body art on this part of the body.

It is said that the forearm represents resistance or strength, and many people get a tattoo on the forearm to draw attention to their toned muscles.

The tattoo also serves as motivation to keep this part of the body looking the best. Unlike the upper part of the arm that can be hidden, the forearm tattoos can only be covered with sleeves.

People with forearm tattoos show their art and hardness. Forearms are increasingly favourite, as they are easy to see, indicating that the tattooed person really wants to see his work and what it means. Forearm tattoos tend to support and reinforce the deeper meanings of a person’s life.

Upper Arm Anchor Tattoo

Wrist Anchor Tattoo Images

Wrist tattoos are one of the most personal tattoos you can choose. They seem to be very simple, but they mean a lot to the user. They are also some of the easiest tattoos to draw. These tattoos are also less painful, compared to others that are drawn around the body.

Are you planning to get an anchor tattoo? Today tattoos are viewed as an expression of character rather than a simple decoration. Body art is increasingly popular, and many people love the idea of ​​carrying some art on their skin every day, and the wrist is a good starting point if you don´t have any yet.

Wrist tattoos are very popular among women. The area is a rather painful place to get tattooed, but you can get many inspiring tattoos there. Of course, you will have to choose something small because your wrist is not a large canvas. But that is part of what makes the wrist such a nice place to get a small and discreet tattoo. If you know you want a tattoo on the wrist, here are some options that will excite you.

Leg Anchor Tattoo

A tattoo on the leg has a meaning of sentimental value; here, it can be easily hidden and kept hidden to be shown only to the selected eyes. This could mean that the person is open, with much love to give, but that it is still reserved and only given to the deserving.

The Best Anchor tattoo

The best anchor Tattoo

If you are looking for a tattoo to show your passion for the sea, anchor tattoos are the choice to tattoo you. But, what is the best anchor tattoo?

Anchor tattoos have been around for hundreds of years, and today they are also an option for all those who want to tattoo something with a special meaning on their body.

The anchor tattoo does not need to be such a simple design, in fact, the anchor tattoo has come a long way, and there are more complex designs than others, but without a doubt the best anchor tattoo is one that represents something special for you and, also you like your aesthetic.

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