Anchor Symbol Meanings

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of the anchor symbol? what do anchors symbolize? The six primary meanings are:

  1. Relationships: a strong, deep, resistant and invincible bond
  2. Christianity: spiritual meaning, linked to salvation
  3. Love: firm life for couples
  4. Hope: support against the complications that life presents
  5. Stability: it represents the stable part of the human being
  6. An impediment: it symbolises the opposite of speed

All of the anchor symbolism meanings which we will speak about, go beyond logic, understanding and history.

The anchor as a symbol of a deep relationship

The Anchor, Symbol of a Deep Relationship. Ship with a strong chain going deep in the ocean.

A strong, deep, resistant and invincible bond. This anchor metaphor is one of the most beautiful, and essential meanings that the anchor symbol carries with it. This object was born with the original function of tying the boat to the seabed, giving it the necessary stability. For this reason, the anchor has naturally become the perfect representation of robust, secure and vital links. Because of this symbolic meaning of an anchor, giving a jewel, clothing or any ornament decorated by an anchor is an important gesture to dedicate to the significant people in your life. That could be your sister or brother, daughter or son, mother or father.

Therefore, an anchor could be the perfect gift from our online store, for the person who represents the pillar of your life.

Christianity: the anchor as a symbol of salvation

Anchor, symbol of Hope. Anchor and Chistian Cross

At first, the anchor was linked to salvation, but over time the sea anchor has also been used as a symbol to represent messages and broader meanings. The spiritual meaning of hope is one of the most remarkable ones, because of what is behind it.

The Christian cross and an anchor are similar in proportions, so it was the perfect way to camouflage the cross, and so it hid the religious people who were persecuted by the Empire. Soon, the symbol of the anchor began to be used as a representation of the church, and also the ancient Christian faith. As such, it was firmly established by the early Christians, who despite being persecuted, clandestinely maintained religious practices and worship.

In the Christian tradition, for example, this object began to represent the hope that looked towards the future, and the symbol of Christ who avoids the “spiritual shipwreck”. The anchor is a symbol of a happy and luminous life.

Hebrews 6.19 said: “We have this hope, a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters the inner shrine behind the curtain.”

The anchor and the Christian Cross

Fundamental values in the Christian religion are love for others, generosity, and the ability to deliver.

Christianity seeks to promote joy and hope through the light and the guidance of its symbols. In spirit, and encounters with others. Having these symbols with us will bring us peace and spiritual health.

In the market, there are countless products where the anchor and cross symbol merge in the representation of this spirituality.

The anchor as a symbol of love

Over time, the anchor has also become the symbol of love, providing a stable life for couples. In their representations, this object often takes on the meaning of loyalty. The anchor is firmly tied to the bottom of the sea and gives the ship stability. The same security which two people who love each other discover each day in their relationship.

Anchor Tattoo Symbol of Love

In many cultures, this object also symbolises the connection between masculine and feminine. It represents the upper part of the male sign and the lower part of the female sign.

The anchor is the oldest symbol of hope

During the storm, sailors clung to the anchor, once the shipwreck was imminent. As such, the anchor was associated with hope.

The anchor symbolised the support against the complications that life presented. If we think about what hope actually is, it is nothing more than a state of optimistic mood in which our objective or aspiration seems likely to happen. Thus, hope presupposes confidence in achieving what we set out to make and desire.

It is how an anchor works on a ship. Sailors set a course and an objective, the shipwreck is the greatest of concerns, but the anchor strengthens confidence and gives tranquillity, or hope. Therefore, the anchor symbolises the support against the complications which life presents. The anchor symbolised the support against the complications that life presented.

The stable part of the human being is represented by the anchor

The anchor symbol is used to represent the stable part of the human being; the ability to remain serene and lucid in the face of swirling feelings and emotions.

People with high emotional stability have greater control over their emotions and are not easily affected by life’s problems or setbacks. Their feelings are more stable, they have a realistic approach to life. They are also patient, calm, persevering, and trustworthy. This emotional stability can be compared to the calm waters of the sea, as opposed to storms and strong waves. No doubt the anchor will allow us to reach those calm waters, and stay in them.

Emotionally mature and stable people have an excellent ability to manage their emotions and plan their lives. They can resist their impulses, and function in a flexible, yet controlled manner. They know how to face reality without fleeing it, as the anchor confronts the storm yet remains stable and firm.

The anchor is sometimes shaken hard by the tides. But even if it moves because of this, it soon regains its stability and keeps the boat from moving away from where it is safe.

So stable people, although they may feel bad from time to time, are usually free of persistent negative emotions. When they experience a considerable level of stress and, therefore, more intense negative emotions, they are also able to control them better. They recover quickly, leaving the past behind, as they don’t get carried away with their negative emotions.

The anchor could impede movement in a negative way

The anchor can be seen as an impediment, an obstacle, or a barrier.

Many people have barriers to personal growth and development, which prevent them from achieving their personal or professional goals in their lives. These people feel they are sailing with the anchor anchored as if they have something that does not allow them to advance. However, regardless of the nature of your barriers to personal growth and development, you can overcome obstacles and achieve your goals by making a few modifications to your way of life and way of thinking.

As an example, in the time of Emperor Augustus Caesar, there was a motto: “Festina Lente” (which translates in English as “hurry slowly”). Here, you could see the image of a dolphin, a symbol of strength and speed, linked to an anchor.

Anchor festina lente

What else do anchors represent?

  • The anchor can represent the conflict between water and land (what it flows out of, to what is static)
  • There are coins from the Roman and Greek periods where the relief of an anchor is appreciated, using the symbol to honour the Neptune God

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